Saturday, June 28, 2008

Crib gymnastics & Golden Gardens

In the last two days we have went from putting Cal in his crib and him falling right asleep, to putting Cal in his crib and coming in 10 minutes later to a wide awake baby in a totally different position than we laid him down in. His new thing is to do crib gymnastics after we lay him down and either flip from his back to his tummy or do a 180 turn when lying on his back. It's becoming pretty entaining going in to check on him and seeing what tricks he has up his sleeve. However, it’s taking him much longer to go to sleep cause he flips to his tummy then stays awake for one of us to come in and flip him back over (even though he knows how to roll from tummy to back).

Tonight we went to Golden Gardens to hang out and BBQ with friends. We all had a good time and Cal even got to stay up past his bedtime (although he took a little catnap).

Being silly with mom

Hanging out at Golden Gardens

Cal with Amanda & Shannyn

Mom & friends

Too much fun

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cal loves Suzie

Cal has always been intrigued by his furry sister, Suzie, and likes to watch her, but Wednesday he took a whole new interest in her. He started reaching for her and grabbing her. I was getting ready in the bathroom while Cal was sitting in his Bumbo and he was fixated watching Suzie. She would bring her toy keys to him and drop, then wait for him to pick them up and thrown them for her (she doesn’t quite get that he can’t do that yet). Then Cal would reach for her and grunt cause he was stretching so much. He got a hold of her several times. The first time I look over and he has a massive handful of Suzie’s side in his hand. The next time, he had both of his hands on the sides of her face. At first I was a little hesitant to let him do this as I wasn’t sure what Suzie’s reaction would be but she thought the interaction with her little brother was so great! Then she wants to thank him for playing with her with lots of kisses.

Today we went and visited dad at work for his monthly safety meeting and had lunch. Cal got to play with his friend Emily who's a couple weeks younger than him! We then ran errands, got a Jamba Juice, and got in a fight with Costco's photo department. Fun times...

I'm gonna get you!

Cal and his friend Emily

Hanging out with dad at work (Cal really likes visiting daddy)

Crib acrobatics - I put Cal in his crib on his back while I cleaned up a poopy mess and this is how I found him when I came in to grab him a couple minutes later

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My domestic sister

Check it out, my sister is featured in the July issue of Real Simple! You can click on the article scan below to make it bigger.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big Boy

I think I have been saying this everyday for the last month, but everyday I think it more and more – Callahan is at such a great age and he’s so much fun right now. Ian and I were talking the other night about how much Cal’s personality is developing. He is so animated and has so many funny little traits that keep us always laughing. He also thinks Ian and I are the funniest people in the world. He giggles all the time and we’re discovering all of his ticklish spots (he’s got a lot of them). A couple other things that Cal apparently loves are being sung to and listening to music (he likes being sung “I’m a little teapot” and he loves listening to Regina Spektor), he loves being read too, and he really like playing peek-a-boo – it gives him the major giggles. We took a great video of Cal on the camera of him giggling but I can't get it to upload :(

He’s also becoming such a big boy, and is trying to sit up on his own. If we don’t sit him up tall, he tries with all his might to pull himself forward with the weight of his head.

Look at me sit up like a big boy!

Rockin dad's old shirt (and showing my belly - it's a little small)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hooray for summer

Hopefully it sticks around... We have been trying to enjoy every ounce of sun. Yesterday, Cal (my little shopping buddy) and I went to U Village to hit up the Crate & Barrel sale and all the sidewalk sales happening. Then when Ian got home we all went for a walk and sat outside for awhile. Today we hung out at house all day, worked in the yard, and attempted to go to a dog park by our house which was quite the experience. It's not appropriate to post on the blog what we encountered so if you're curious ask Ian or I.

Hanging out while Mom gets ready

It's bright out

So tired after a long walk

Being silly while I get my diaper changed

Friday, June 20, 2008

A little parenting hiccup

So we had our first parenting “oh sh*t” the other night. We went out to dinner in Mill Creek for Joe’s b-day and after dinner Joe and Gina were meeting us at our car so we could get Joe’s gift. While we were waiting for them I put Cal in the car and was sitting in the front passenger side with the door open (you can probably see where this is going). When I saw them coming I hopped out of the car and shut the door, then went to the backseat door to grab the gift, but there was a problem, the door was locked. We frantically checked, and all the doors were locked and there was Cal just chilling in the back seat with not a care in the world.

Both my main set of keys and the spare keys were locked in the car cause we had just got my car back from the shop (ironically the locks had to get fixed). Some how my remote key in the diaper bag or on the seat got pushed and locked the doors.

We called AAA and they told us it would be a 20-30 minute wait for a truck to come out so we then called the police. As we were on the phone with them a cop car went cruising by so Gina and I flagged the officer down and she was able to pop the locks.

I feel like a horrible parent but it could have been a lot worse. Fortunately, Cal was completely content being in the car alone and it wasn’t too hot outside. Also, everyone has reassured me that this pretty much happens to everyone at some point with a child (including my mom who locked me in the car at 6 months).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My favorite thing right now

I love Baby Legs! They are so much fun and practical, and a must for all kids. Cal got his first pair last week and now I’m addicted to buying them and dressing him in them. Not only are they so cute but they are also great for keeping his little legs and arms warm during this time of crummy, cold weather. At first, he could only wear them when his daddy wasn’t around because Ian didn’t think they were manly, but now Ian’s a closet fan and he even dressed Cal in his baby legs on their boys day Monday.

As for other Cal updates, he’s doing so good at daycare! On Tuesday he was so happy when I dropped him off (he wanted out of my arms when we got there) and then when I went to visit in the afternoon and picked him up after work he was so happy. His daycare teachers said that he just “loves his little friends” and has so much fun sitting with them on the floor. Maybe it’s because he’s the only boy and he’s surrounded by lady friends (don’t worry Hailey, he keeps a special place in his heart for you).

Here’s some pics from our day today. He absolutely loves his exersaucer and it’s a great place for him to play while I work. He smiles, laughs and bounces when he’s in it, hence why I take so many pics of him in it.

Guys Camping Trip

Here are some pics from the guys camping trip last weekend. They did lots of boys things like riding 4-wheelers, playing with paintball guns, shooting a potato gun, drinking whiskey, etc.

Hermione (Clyde's sister) already ready to go home

Playing chubby bunny

Ian won with 10 marshmallows

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy FIRST father's day Ian! I spent the weekend in Wenatchee with the girls (and Cal) and Ian, Dad, Lars and Luke did their annual boys camping weekend. Mom and I played dress up with Cal, went shopping, went out to dinner and today Logan came over to help babysit. She watched Cal while I got ready, helped change diapers and even fed him.

Since the weather was so nice this weeekend we went to Target and Mom bought Cal a pool. After filling it up and then dumping several buckets of hot water in it, it was still too cold for Cal's liking. Next time we're either going to fill it up and let it sit in the sun for a couple days or fill the whole pool with warm water. Here are some pics from the weekend. Some of the pics are kind of small and hard to see but if you click on them you should be able to see an enlarged pic. I'll post the guys' camping pictures in the next couple of days.

The boys getting ready to head out (maybe next year Cal)

Playing in the hat box

Thanks for the fun chair Gram & Pop

Loving his Baby Legs


Happy Father's Day Dad

Not happy after taking a dip in the pool (or maybe it's because he's wearing pink swim diapers)

Too much father's day fun

Cal & Aunt Jenni

The cousins

Cal, Gram & Pop

Friday, June 13, 2008

Growing Boy

Callahan had his four month check-up today. His measurements are:

Weight: 17 lbs. 2 oz (88 percentile)
Height: 27.25 inches (98%)
Head: 44 cm (90%)

Basically, he's on the fast track to being REALLY tall and skinny. He went down slightly in his weight percentile and the dr. said that because he's gaining all of his weight in his length.

The shots this time around were much better and barely even phased him. He let out a little squeal when he got them and within seconds was smiling again. Since the vaccines made him feel not so hot at two months his doctor split them up this time so we have to go back for more in a month. This really seemed to help. His doctor was also impessed with his development so of course we think we have the smartest baby in the world!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

First art project

When I picked Callahan up from daycare today I had two pleasant surprises - the first was a very content, sleeping baby and the second was Cal's first art project, a father's day gift for his dad!!! Below are some pics of it - it's SO CUTE!

Daycare is getting better by the day. Tracy, Cal's daycare teacher, said that he had a great day today. He LOVES watching the other babies and Christine one of the other teachers even said that he's "so smart." They also said he smiled and laughed all day. Both days this week when I have gotten there at lunch and to pick Cal up he's been so happy.

Then he was in the best mood when we got home. Cal appears to have a ticklish side and had a major case of the giggles when I was tickling him. He was laughing so hard that Ian, who was outside, heard him through the bedroom window.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A few pics from today

In honor of his birthday, I let Callahan stay in his jammies all day long. He had a fabulous day home with his mommy. He also got to go see his girlfriend Hailey Hinton tonight and stay up late.