Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Let the waiting game begin...

We're officially on the 'less than 2 week' countdown until due date. The question I get many times everyday, how are you feeling? Well, an answer for you all... I'm feeling VERY pregnant. This baby girl is much higher than the boys were and it's much more uncomfortable feeling than I remember with the boys. The indigestion is a killer, sitting is uncomfortable, breathing is tough, I'm nausea again and I'm getting lots of kicks to the ribs. At the same time, she does a tap dance on on my bladder several times a day and I feel her behind my hips cause she's also so low... she's everywhere! And she's almost entirely on my right side, its odd. But the end us near.

The OB I saw today seems to think she's going to be arriving sooner than later cause my body is VERY ready to delivery, but I've heard that song and dance before with the boys who both had to be evicted. Aside from feeling uncomfortable being my main driver to have her early, I actually wouldn't mind for her to hang tight for a little longer. The next week is a little nuts with back to school & I really want to try and cherish these last days of pregnancy knowing this is it for me being pregnant and my days with the boys.
38 weeks & 1 day.
I brought in reinforcements to my dr.'s appt today to help out with the boys.
and we followed the appointment with a Blue Spoon treat.
And here's a little peak at the nursery. I still have a couple more things I need to do/get but for the most part it just needs a baby!  Oh, and the big heart icon is covering up the first letter of her name :)

So for now, we wait... And I continue to 'nest' like crazy.

Dog days of summer...

Last week we packed in all kinds of summer fun, enjoying one of our last weeks of having no schedule, sunshine & summer fun with friends. First up, a trip to Blackbird Island in Leavenworth for some river fun. These pics don't do this place justice, the river/scenery up here is gorgeous and the water is crystal clear.
Cal + Avery
Next up, pool party at our house in our spacious pool.
Our good friends are heading overseas & moving to Ireland so we've been trying to get in as much time with them as possible when they're in town. The boys sure are going to miss their friends Clara & Crosby (and Rory too).

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gymnastics king.

Bennett had his last gymnastics class of the summer today and he's had a blast this last month cause his best friend, Jade, has been in class with him. 
blurry but too cute not to post

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer days.

Between the combination of knowing that back-to-school is right around the corner and our days with just the boys are numbered, we've been packing our calendar full making the most of these final summer days. Not to mention, we've had some pretty incredible weather this summer. Great for the kids, not so great for this very pregnant momma.
smoothie date
We have some new superheroes in the house, Wolverine & Thor.
final camping trip of the summer at  Curlew Lake several weeks ago.
these boys LOVE to camp, and tent camping through a massive thunder & lightening storm didn't phase them.
this lady (& Clyde) tagged along on the trip, although it was a little too hot for her liking
a common scene this summer... napping on the go. This was as I was pulling into swim lessons.
Boat safety at swimming
last weekend we took the boys to the Moses Lake water park and the kids had a blast (aside from some kid pooping in the kiddie area & shutting it down, gross!)
and finally, we have a swimmer!

and more swim lessons. this time we're doing them at a ladies' house & they've been awesome

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Engineers in training.

The boys pretty much think their dad is the coolest dad in the world and that he has the best job. Cal loves that he gets to work around construction equipment, the dam, fish & most importantly that he's a "boss". So any opportunity to go see their dad in action is awesome. Therefore, last week the boys & I road tripped up to the Methow to see Ian's latest job site.
and then a lunch date (Twisp River Rub, yum!) with two boys fighting over who gets to sit next to dad, leaving mom all alone on my side of the table.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A weekend of fun.

We had an action packed weekend, filled with all kinds of fun... a rodeo, 1st bday party, camping, a trip to Seattle & a bridal shower. Here's a little look...
loving the Chelan rodeo
off to try & catch a chicken!
this guy on the other hand wanted nothing to do with catching one when it was go time
Saturday Ian took the boys on a 'no girls allowed' (aside from a little visit from mom) camping trip at Lincoln Rock.  And they had a BLAST. 
telling ghost stories
biking & breakfast
ending the camping adventure with milkshakes!

And while the boys were off doing their thing, I road tripped over to Seattle to celebrate my dear friend, Heather's, upcoming nuptials.
the lovely bride-to-be with her very pregnant bridesmaids.