Saturday, April 11, 2015

Children's checkup.

This last Thursday, Bennett had his annual Children's checkup to make sure his recovery from Kawasaki Disease continues to be smooth sailing, and he passed his tests like a champ. He even received the all clear to now have checkups every two years. Since he had no initial coronary artery damage from his illness, it's reassuring to hear that the likelihood of any issues arising is very low. The ongoing checkups are just to ensure all continues to be good and as the doc explained to us this visit, KD was first diagnosed in the late 60's, so it's not entirely known how kids with KD age and how it will affect their heart as they get older.

This kid of seriously such a trooper when it comes to going to the doctor. He's so brave and tolerant of everything he's put though. Love him.

Monday, April 6, 2015


 After first waking up at 4 a.m., the boys were SO excited to finally be able to come downstairs & follow the bunny trail around 6:30.
 let the scavenger hunt begin!
you can use your imagination on this one...
Our failed attempts at a family pic (these were the best of the bunch)...

Cousin egg hunt

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sweet Penny

Meet the newest Hunter.... Penny! Ian's had the puppy itch for quite some time so I promised that after Disneyland we'd revisit the idea. Well, revisiting the idea meant going to Coulee City two days after getting home and picking her out (a Golden Retriever). We picked up her up last Wednesday and she seems to be settling in really well. Suzie has (thankfully) adjusted well to Penny and is (surprisingly) really good with her. The boys love her and Emmie is still undecided... but she's slowly coming around.
Heading home with our new pup.
Penny with her half-brother, Hawk. Our good friends adopted him a couple of weeks before.


At the begginning of March, we took the kids to Disneyland & California Adventure for the first time and it was AWESOME. I kept hearing about the "magical" age to take your kids and my initial thought was to wait until Emmie was old enough to get more out of it, but I'm so glad we went when we did... We all had the best time and definitely hit the "magical" age with the boys. Cal wanted to do all the rides, yet was still young enough that he loved seeing all the characters, doing the little rides with the fam, etc. Aside from traveling with three kids which is seriously business... they all did so great. We stayed at the park hotel (which I highly recommend) so I could take Emmie back during the day to nap but we never did, instead she just slept on the go in her stroller, Bennett was such a trooper walking and the kids totally blew me away with their ability to hang from starting off the day with our magical early mornings at the parks to nearly staying until closing every night. Can't wait to get back when Emmie's a bit older!

One of the trip highlights, Bennett doing the Jedi training and battling Darth Vadar.