Wednesday, July 31, 2013

34 weeks!

34 weeks & a couple days (& just barely squeezing into my workout clothes...) With all my babes, 34 weeks is always my "ok, this baby is going to be here sooner than later." And yesterday, after a full day of contractions I started getting a little frantic about all that we have left to do in case she comes early. Aside from washing all her clothes & bedding, finishing the room, buying diapers, etc. my #1 priority is spending as much quality family time with the boys as possible before their world's are turned upside down, and they have to share mom even more (tear ;)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The big 3 stats

Still can't believe this little peanut is 3 & even crazier that he starts preschool in September...
3 year stats
Height: 3' 5.25" (98%)
Weight: 40 lbs 1.6 oz (98%)
BMI: 68%
"I do not have a mustache!"

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trolley ride

We met up with the our good friends, Jade & her momma, for a little trolley & FroYo fun on Tuesday.  I took the boys for a trolley ride (aka public transportation ;) a couple of years ago and they ask all the time to do it again. Well apparently there gal pal Jade has been wanting to ride it too, so for some early birthday fun for Jade, that's what we did.  And the kids had a blast. We rode it all over town with a  frozen yogurt break in the middle. Nothing better than some good cheap fun & very happy kids!
The best of friends. I can't believe these two kiddos are 3.

Less than 2 months!

As of today, we officially have less than 2 months to go... And I have a feeling these last 8 weeks are going to FLY by cause that seems to be the case with this summer in general.
31 weeks
We made some serious progress this week on the nursery (yay!). After stressing about the very few weekends we have free between now and the big day I made it our mission to get-it-done so we painted on Sunday & Monday and set-up/hung Tuesday. We still have a little more work and a couple things to get but it's close.... and I love it. I've just been ordering everything online since I found it's a girl based on the vision in my head and keeping everything piled in our room, so I was glad to see it all come together. Here's a sneak peak. More to come when its until it's done.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Our little B turned three (aka "free") on July 1, and we had such a wonderful time celebrating our boy.  I was feeling a little guilty for not doing a party with his buddies so we made up for it with a M's game, waterslides & a little family shin-dig. I can't believe my baby is already 3. He's hands down the funniest, most expressive, talkative, social and dramatic 3 year old I know. And boy, he has brought some serious joy and laughs to our lives.
Go Mariners!
birthday morning
waterslides with friends
bday party with family!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June in a nutshell

Before I can blog about all the fun we had this last weekend & celebrating our little one's 3rd b-day, I need to get caught up on the craziness of the last couple of weeks. I always start summer a little stressed about what we're going to do to stay entertained since I don't do well not being as overly scheduled as we tend to be during the school year, and then every summer things just get crazy and I start craving time at home... That is definitely the case this year. It's been nuts..
Garage sale prep = major little boy clothes purging
the 2 little entrepreneurs making some $$ at the g-sale
the boys attempt to play w/ Clyde
a familiar sight every afternoon when we get home from running around/playdates
a late night Fro Yo treat
sleepy girl
another visit to the dam with friends
Watching fish
playing "Grant Co PUD" (I overheard Cal telling B that all daddy does at work is talk to his friends and play basketball...)
Celebrating Harper's 1st bday!
Bowling w/ Eli
celebrating Shannyn's baby GIRL! (4 prego girlfriends all due w/in a month)
Soccer camp all last week
and unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for the better part of the week during camp
However, the last day of soccer camp was so nice.
Cal & Coach James