Monday, September 30, 2013

Back to the grind.

We survived day 1 of Ian being back to work, and I'm feeling pretty darn good about it. Little Sis had her best night of sleep so far only getting up once, we made it to school on time, Bennett & I took Emmie to her 2-week check-up, we squeezed in a playdate and we even got to school pick-up on time. So I'm bracing myself for tomorrow, cause I have a feeling after a great day #1 that #2 is going to be a hot mess.

Aside from being at the doc for over 1.5 hours (most of it waiting in the exam room, ugh), Emmie's appointment went well. She a healthy growing girl, packing on over a pound since her birth. It's funny, her 2-week stats are almost identical to Bennett's.

2 week stats:
Weight: 9 lb. 7.1 oz (87%)
Height: 21.75" (96%)
thankfully Emmie slept from the minute we got the doc's office until the very end of her appointment, otherwise it would have made for a VERY long wait. Although, sis must have been a little stressed about being there cause as soon as we got into the exam from her face turned massively red & splotchy...
still waiting, still sleeping
she even slept through her entire exam.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

2 weeks (& a day) old!

Our sweet little lady is two weeks old (yesterday). It's crazy having a newborn back in the house... It really feels like ages since we've done the baby thing. As of a couple days ago Emmie's started waking up a bit more during the day, but is still sleeping a fair share, which has made the transition to 3 kids fairly smooth. The boys have been great with her (Cal's amazing with his sis), and the novelty of her in the house has worn off a bit so they're not as smothering. Nights have been ok, they could be worse. Emmie's waking up every 3 hours, so we're getting up once during the night and then once for a quick feeding in the early morning hours. We head in for Emmie's two-week check-up tomorrow and I'm anxious to see how much Little Miss has grown. She's definitely losing her littleness. We had to take her into the doc earlier this week and from her 4-day check-up to when we went in 5 days later, she'd gained 12 oz's.
my little laundry folding helper
big yawn
9 days old
first real bath
sleepy (and milky) smiles
all dressed up and nowhere to go.
park fun
Emmie's favorite place to be, sleeping in someone's arms
Emmie's first elk scouting trip
in case we run into any bears...
Constantly thankful for our perfect little girl and her good health after her dramatic delivery and what could have been after having a placenta abruption.
a wild & crazy Friday night.
2 weeks old!
family fun at St. Joe's Harvest Fest

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A week's worth of pics.

Life with our 3 beautiful children could not be better. It just feels right. The boys love their sis so much and have wanted to be very involved in all things Emmie (a good & a bad thing :) Emmie is taking all the craziness of our household in stride, and pretty much just sleeps through it all... literally. It's funny, in the hospital right after she was born, she cried and cried and cried. I remember thinking, oh lord, I hope I remember what to do. As soon as she got home and settled she's been as peaceful as can be. It's bittersweet knowing you're done having kids cause I find that I'm putting so much pressure on wanting to make sure we remember all the little things.  And that's exactly what I am trying to do each & every day. Remember her littleness, how much she wants to cuddle, how her favorite spot is to curl up in a ball and lay on my chest, her delicate and feminine little sounds and squeaks, her long & lean & wrinkly feet, how much she likes her hands by her face, etc. She seems like such a tiny peanut, being our littlest baby. This is our first babe to ever wear newborn diapers, and I haven't been able to play 'dress-up' as much as I'd like since none of her 0-3 month clothes fit yet. But I'm embracing every bit of littleness, knowing it won't last long.
crazy that this is what we were up to at 7:30 last Saturday night...
and 3 hours later we were doing this!
I might be having a little too much fun with accessorizing.
I have a PINK bracelet!
homeward bound.
her brothers always want to make sure she has plenty of toys
full heart, full lap.
her most favorite place to be.
being 4 days old is rough.
4 day old check-up. Weighting in at 8 lbs.
first bath