Friday, March 28, 2008

So cute naked

It's been a fun and eventful week! We visited dad at work and met Cal's new friend Emily who’s 4 weeks old, walked Greenlake several times, several of my friends came by throughout the week to visit with us (we love company!), visited my work so the gang could meet Cal, and cheered the Cougs on while playing NC with Ryan and Crystal.

Here are some pics of Cal hanging out (he likes to put on a show).

Monday, March 24, 2008

The many faces of Callahan

Smiley Cal

Serious Cal
Not sure what to call this one (not his best look)....
Playing with dad

Cal is 6 weeks old today. He is getting more and more animated, is smiling a lot and is starting to like bath time! He has yet to sleep through the night but we feel like he's on the verge of doing so. If you haven't come to visit yet and see the little guy - you should soon!

Cal's favorite holding position

Worried about the Coug game Easter with Grandma & Grandpa Hunter

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A few new pics

Callahan continues to nap during the day, which has been so great! I have finally been able to get some stuff done while Ian's at work. However, we are leaving the house less during the day cause when he's sleeping so soundly I don't have the heart to get him up to go run errands.

Ian and I realized how few nursery songs we know the words to so when we sing to Cal we find ourselves frequently singing the WSU fight song since it's one of the few tunes we know all the words to. We expect W-A-S-H-I-N-G-T-O-N S-T-A-T-E C-O-U-G-S to be the first words that he's able to spell.

Mr. Smiley

Just hanging out

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had an eventful and fun weekend with Gram and Pop in town (grandma & grandpa Smith). On Saturday Gram, Cal and me went shopping to find some post-maternity clothes (which was depressing) and unfortunately the only one who got anything after four hours of shopping was Callahan. Pop and Ian stayed behind and planted Arborvitaes at the house. Then we ventured out for our first dinner at a real restaurant with Cal. Besides a server dropping a tray and waking him up, he did great. On Sunday we spent the day hanging out at the house, shopping at Costco and Cal napped. He was all smiles, all weekend.

Over the weekend Cal also had his first night of 6.5 hours of consecutive sleep! It was wonderful. After waking up to eat he then went want to bed for another 1.5 hours.

So tired!

Waking up Who's longer?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Napping a little more

The last two days Callahan has finally starting napping during the day! He’s sleeping anywhere from two to four hours and I don’t know what to do with my time while he’s out! The best part about his naps is that by the time Ian gets home from work he’s in a great mood. Fingers crossed that this lasts.

Cal is also starting to smile more and more everyday and we were even able to catch a little smile at dad on camera.

If you see the little guy, he's come down with a little baby acne. Don’t mention it to him - he's a little self-conscious ;)

Go Cougs!!
Sleeping beauty

Smiling at dad

Being silly with mom

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

1 month old!

We are both in disbelief that Callahan is already one month old!! The last four weeks have gone by so incredibly fast and he’s changed so much. His facial expressions are changing every day and he’s even starting to smile in response to Ian and I talking to him (we have yet to get a pic of this). We have started packing up some of Cal’s newborn clothes as he’s outgrown some of them since he's now weighing in at a whopping 12 pounds 8 ounces! Over the last month we’ve learned a lot about the little guy and he’s already expressing his personality through his likes and dislikes.

We know that he likes to eat… A LOT, he takes after his mom and is a bit stubborn, he loves his surrounding so much that he doesn’t like to miss any minute of the day therefore he chooses to nap very little, he loves his room, he likes to hang out in his crib and watch his bumper and listen to his rainforest soother, he loves to rock in his new glider chair, he loves car rides, LOVES to cuddle and has mastered scooting to get closer to mom and dad when napping next to them, likes to be rubbed when going to sleep, likes warm wipes when having his diaper changed, loves having his butt warmed with a hair dryer during a diaper change (yes, this is a little weird but a nurse told us that little boys loves this), likes being read to, and he loves being held all the time.

Things he dislikes: taking baths, napping during the day, being hungry, and sleeping alone.

Also, for those that haven’t seen the pictures, here’s the link to Cal’s professional pictures that we had taken in Wenatchee. If you watch the slide show, have your volume on.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Pics of Callahan

Not much to report on today expect for some new pics posted below. Callahan has been getting more and more alert everyday and appears to be so excited by his surroundings that he is sleeping very little during the day. He usually takes one nap, maybe two if we’re lucky, during the day so the myth that all babies sleep all day is not true... The good news is that he does like to sleep during the night. While he’s not sleeping through the night he only gets up twice to eat.

Last week Suzie seemed to have come down with a case of depression and stopped eating and didn’t curl her tail for several days. Ian and I have been giving her some extra attention and going to Wenatchee apparently snapped her out of this and she’s back to her feisty self.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

First trip to Wenatchee

This weekend Callahan made is first trek over to Wenatchee where we had an eventful weekend. On Saturday Cal attended his first party, a baby shower in his honor. He was a perfect little boy and sucked up all the attention, and even stayed awake for the entire party. On Sunday Callahan had his pictures professionally taken which we are dying to see, where again he was the perfect baby. All weekend everyone that met Cal kept commenting on how he’s so good, and while Ian and I both think he’s more than perfect, we do think he was putting on a bit of a show for all his new friends cause he was amazing all weekend.

Callahan and I survived our first week with Ian back at work. I was very unproductive as I was amazed with how time consuming taking care of Callahan on my own is but who needs a clean house when you have a precious little baby to spend time with.

Here are some pictures from this weekend. We’ll post more pics in the next couple of days. Just wanted to get in some blogging while we have grandma and grandpa to watch the little guy (which has been SO nice to have the extra hands).

Hanging out with Pop (Grandpa)

Napping with mom

Trying on my new sun hat and booties


Ian's new best friend