Wednesday, October 31, 2007

7 Month Appointment

We had our 7 month appointment today and all signs are pointing to that we are going to have a January baby! The doctor said the baby is currently between two and three pounds and Julie’s stomach (placement of the uterus) is measuring at 28 weeks. They have not bumped up the due date (we’re still set for 2/3/08) but our doctor said that they might end up doing an ultrasound in the next couple of months to determine a more accurate due date and to determine the size of the baby - she also eluded to that he’s probably going to be a big boy. Our doctor did also say that Julie has packed on a few too many pounds given we still have a couple months to go, therefore we’re going to have to limit our trips to Red Robin, sad...

Since I am starting my third trimester our doctor’s appointments are now going to be every other week (rather than monthly) until January which is when we’ll start seeing the doctor weekly. We also got permission from my doctor to get a 3D ultrasound so hopefully we’ll have some cool pics and video to share shortly.

We’ll be posting some pictures of the other kids (Clyde & Suzie) tomorrow of them all dressed up in Halloween costumes! They love Halloween. Included now is a picture of Julie at 27.5 weeks.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Baby Hiccups

This morning we felt/saw what were definitely baby hiccups! I (Julie) was lying on a chair and after feeling several repetitive movements, just thinking that baby was awake and moving around, I noticed that my stomach was also visibly moving up and down. We could not only feel the hiccups and the baby’s whole body move, but we could see them too! We got a kick out of watching my stomach move and jerk. They lasted about five minutes and I am certain they were hiccups as the movements were like clockwork.

Everything is going well. The baby is moving A LOT (kicking and “swimming”) and sometimes he kicks so hard it startles me. We have our 7 month appointment next Wednesday and will give another update then.

We are getting the house ready for baby which means moving a lot of stuff to the attic to make room. We are still waiting to get our baby furniture so we can start setting up the nursery (it takes 8-12 weeks after ordering it so we should get it in the next month or so). We registered at Babies R’ Us this weekend, not Ian’s favorite thing to do, but since my mom spared him of registering at Target with me I drug him along this time :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

6 Month Appointment (and a couple pics of the dogs)

We had our 6 month appointment today and all is going well! The doctor measured Julie’s stomach (placement of uterus) to make sure it’s where it’s supposed to be at 23 weeks and it’s right on track. The baby’s heart beat was 159 which the doctor said is a good rate and where they like to see it. At each appointment it’s been between 155-160. Hopefully this rate means he won’t be as high-strung as his mom. :) The baby is kicking and moving a lot and Ian is finally able to feel more of his kicks!

Julie has traded in shopping at Nordstrom’s for now frequent trips to Babies R’ Us. We spent a good part of last weekend checking out the massive amounts of baby stuff the store has to offer, including picking out a stroller and car seat. We’ve also started the dreaded hunt for daycare and while the idea of daycare doesn’t sit well with either of us we have (hopefully) worked out our schedules so the little guy will only be in day care 2 days a week.

Included above are some pics of Julie at 23 weeks and also a couple family shots.