Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pre-Christmas fun

Ian took the week of Christmas off and we really enjoyed having him home. We packed the nights leading up to Christmas with all kinds of festive fun.

First up, mass celebrating the fourth Sunday of advent, driving around to look at Christmas lights and finishing the night with Blue Spoon (froyo).
Next, decorating our gingerbread house.
And on the eve of Christmas Eve, we took a trip up to Leavenworth to see the lights.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

3 months

Our little lady hit the 3 month mark on the 14th. I'm a little behind in posting but I did manage to get these pics on her actual 3 month bday. She is such a happy little thing and just rolls with our busy schedule.  Here's what Emmie's up to at 3 months.... She has the best smile and she puts her whole body into it, she spits up a ton, she's still insists on napping in her swing (or our arms) but she's in her crib at night, she goes to bed between 7-8 p.m. and gets up 1 (sometimes 2) times a night to eat, before she sneezes she always lets out a pre-sneeze squeal/yelp, she is so close to rolling over, she's in 3-6 month clothes, Cal can always get her to smile, she loves getting a bath, her feet and fingers are both so long and skinny, and that's all I got right now. Such a little blessing.

Going to see Santa!

Cal insisted on wearing the tie.
Cal: "I want a Power Rangers set." Bennett: "I want a Ninjago toy!"
Because one visit just isn't enough, we went and saw Santa the next day at the sundae shop with the fam.

Catching up.

I'm working on some major blog catch-up... We've been busy, probably busier than I feel like we've ever been (maybe having 3 kids has a little something to do with that...) so the blog's been neglected, Christmas shopping isn't quite done & the house is a disaster. But thankful, we're all in good health, Ian has the week off & the Christmas spirit is in the air!
I love finding these treasures in Cal's school bag

I have to wake up Emmie probably 4 out of 5 days of the week to take the boys to school... This particular morning I woke her up, unswaddled her and she fell back asleep mid-stretch.
I snuck over to Seattle for a night for my college girlfriends' 10th annual ornament exchange. One of my favorite nights of the year!
Love these 2! And what a years it's been for them. Heather got married & Shannyn became a mom!
admiring sis
This is still how tummy time is going... She doesn't mind it, she just refuses to lift her head.
St. Joe's Christmas program, Kinders were in the choir.
Ninja Bravo
the Christmas gift Cal made at school for us 
the boys & their school treasures


Friday, December 6, 2013

Tis' the Season!

time to get a tree!

this is the one Bennett wanted

there she is... first one we saw.

trimming the tree
Most of the ornaments the boys put on ended up on the bottom two rows of branches so I *might* have re-done it when they went to bed...
And Bravo, our elf, if back. He showed up earlier this month and last night he took Bennett's Suzie for a walk.
And we have snow! Tis' the season.