Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Favorite place on Earth..... Pullman

We road tripped over to Pullman this weekend for Homecoming with the Hintons, and what better way to roll with four adults and two kids than a rented mini-van. By the looks of the ten tons of stuff we packed, you would have thought we were going over to stay for the entire football season. The game was not so good but the lovely town of Pullman was just fabulous--but a little different when you have a kid :)

slumber party with Hailey

just woke up and trying to get in the spiritdads & kiddos
playing in the Cub (they'll be back here together in 18 years)

seriously.... SO CUTE who's your friend Gina?

sleepy girlLOVE this place!

While we were tailgating, Cal got his first five seconds of fame. He was on the news, click here to watch (click on the video icon under Also See to watch the video).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Did he really just do that?

I was packing up baby clothes and to be funny Ian put Cal in the Rubbermaid that I was loading. One side was packed with clothes and Cal was sitting on them. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Cal pulled himself up and was just standing in the container. It was crazy and we were both in shock with what our little baby was doing. He totally looked like he knew what he was doing and he stood there for several minutes. I happened to have the camera sitting next to me, and I was so in 'ahh' that I didn't think to take a pic. Fortunately Ian did.

just sitting there being cute

wham, he's up!

just hanging out.... standing

back down (and rockin the double chin)

And yes, Cal is wearing x-mas jammies... Logan gave these to him (they were hers) and they were supposed to fit him around the holidays but he's huge and has almost out-grown them. So we're being festive in Sept.

cute video. bad quality

Cal was really into giving hugs & kisses today. While baby kisses sound so sweet, you might want to pass on them until he perfects his kiss. After a Cal kiss one side of my face is pretty much entirely wet and he gets a little aggressive when giving them. But I think they are just precious and I can't get enough of the hugging.

Not sure why the video is so dark - hopefully you can see it. When it looks like Cal is eating the side of my face, that's a kiss.

the day with dad

taking after his dad
doing a little drinking
watching Ellen

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I want you to be honest....

does this chair make me look like I have moobs?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

do things ever slow down?

Another weekend has come and gone in a flash... Aside from working on the house, running lots of errands and Ian studying - we did manage to have some fun. Cal got to play with his buddy Riley, we met Jenni and Lars at Redhook for lunch and John Bert came by today on their way home from Pullman. I was bad at taking pics this weekend... More to come of the little guy this week.

Cal & Riley dressed and ready for bed Suzie got a new house (it's for cats but she loves these things)
this does not look like fun....

Friday, September 19, 2008

We tried big boy food….

… and he hated it. I gave Callahan some left over mashed potatoes and pureed chicken for dinner last night and he was not having it. The kid loves his rice cereal, vegetables and especially fruit. After a couple tries of feeding him potatoes and chicken and a big mess, I gave up. We moved on to carrots, cracker bites, rice cereal and blueberries for desert.

so happy to have his carrots back
waiting for me to get his bath ready
loving his new bath buddy
good game of peek-a-boo before bed

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boys just wanna have fun

They are so tough

A soon to be Mrs.

After 5 wonderful years together, Andrew popped the question to my dear friend Shannyn. We couldn't be happier for the two!!

What better way to celebrate than tapas & sangria and some chocolate toast and shots, yum

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten for a Tuesday

Taking the idea from Mary, I decided to write about 10 things on the brain (since I can’t update with pics).

1) Thinking about how bad my foot hurts. I was cleaning up the back porch cause the dogs decided to terrorize the area today while we were at work and I stepped on nail that went ridiculously far into my foot. Ouch.

2) Today when I picked Cal up from daycare and I peeked in the window before walking in and it was ridiculous how much fun he was having. It kinda made me a little sad cause he’s only supposed to smile, laugh and have fun like that with his mamma. But he was ecstatic to see me so that made me happy.

3) I am so bored on Tuesday nights and the house is so quite. Ian had class tonight and I find myself constantly talking to the dogs (Cal is in bed or else I would talk to him).

4) Looking forward to watch Gossip Girl and The Hills that I Tivo’d last night. Don’t judge.

5) I realized today that my camera has become like my cell phone. I feel naked without it (left it at Shannyn’s last night).

6) Can’t stop admiring our new dining room. I am so happy with the way it turned out and I love the new furniture and paint color – random that I am excited about paint…. I now can’t wait for all the finish work to be done.

7) I’m already ready for the week to be over. Work is crazy right now, I want to start shopping for stuff to decorate the dining room and have a zillion errands to run.

8) Hmm, what else…

9) I am so excited about all of my friends getting married next summer. It’s going to be a blast. Now everyone needs to start having some babies ;)

10) Can November hurry up and get here?! We’re in dire need of a vaca and our Hawaii trip will be the perfect remedy. Ian especially deserves it. He’s worked so hard on the house and now has to study his tail off for his PE. Hopefully Cal likes Hawaii as much as we do!

more pics to come...

...I left my camera at Shannyn's last night so I can't update. I am lost without my camera! Getting it back tomorrow, hooray!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


That pretty much sums up the weekend... We put hardwoods in the new dining room, put new hardwoods in the living room, painted, hung the lighting fixture, assembled furniture, etc. We're both wiped but so happy with the way the dining room turned out. It's not done - we still have lots of little things left like all the finishing work, paint the exterior and now decorating (YAY).

laying hardwoods

enjoying the new floor in the dining room - we were so excited for it to be done so we spent a lot of time kicking it down there

hanging out on the couch while mom & dad work
now playing on the new floor in the living room
Drum roll......... Pics of the room
new furniture (leaf isn't in the table)
you can kind of tell the color of the room from this pic
These pics don't do the room justice... It was hard to get a good picture. The walls are a light green but look blueish in these pics. I'll be working on the decorating this week, we still need to do all the trim, put up window coverings, etc. but it's almost there!

(Thanks for the paint recco Emilie. Silver Sage was the exact color I had in mind and love it)

Just the girls

I was able to break away Friday night from working on the house and met up with the girls for dinner since Heather is in town from San Diego. So fun seeing everyone!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bored with Mom & Dad

Cal stayed home from daycare on Tuesday so he’s been home with Ian or I for the last week straight. Apparently, he couldn’t wait to have a day off from us. I dropped him off at daycare today and his teacher greeted us at the door. As soon as Cal saw her he reached for her to take him. Sad… Then while I was filling out his daily form he had no interest in me and was sitting on the floor playing with his teacher and the two girls in his class. And in true Cal style, kept trying to pull their hair.

In other news, Cal is 7 months old today. For a little b-day treat he got mangos for desert – his favorite – and got to take an extra long bath tonight.

Goodnight kisses Favorite jammies, Cal's fasinated with the planets