Tuesday, September 30, 2014


We took a little weekend getaway to Vegas at the end of August with some friends and had the BEST time. I was a bit of a wreck about leaving Emmie for the first time for the weekend, let alone for her first night away from home, but she was in great hands thanks to Grammie & Pa (Hunter) and I think the boys had just as good of a time as we did. Some pics from our trip below, in no particular order thanks to the way they uploaded...
The ladies went to Britney Spears one night

SO GOOD! Definitely a bucket list concert for me.

pool day
leaving on a jet plane

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

O N E!

Our sweet, with a little bit of sass, Emmie (Emerson, Emmie Mae, Missy Mae Berry, Little Momma, Sissy, Sissy Bear, Booshies) turned ONE last Sunday. It does not seem like THIS was a year ago. I still remember everything about that night like it was yesterday. Words can't describe the joy this little lady has brought us all, and the novelty of having a baby sister has not worn off for the boys, their love for her is ridiculous. They still get excited to see her each and every morning. She is funny, so very lovable, sassy, quirky, smart, pretty, you name it.  She still fake laughs when she wants a reaction out of us or she hears anyone laughing, loves all the attention on her, says a handful of words (mama, dada, whats that, no-no, night-night, baby, hi and bye, to name a few) and hi is hands down her favorite (she says "hi" when she hears the phone ring, in passing to everyone at the grocery store, out the car window to other cars, etc.), hates having her nails cut, teeth brushed and nose wiped, she loves being around babies, took her first digger on the tile and chipped her front tooth, and is cutting teeth #13 & 14.

1 year stats:
Weight: 21 lbs 2 oz (70%)
Height: 29.5" (62%) -- her pediatrician doesn't think they got an accurate measurement on this... 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bennett's turn.

Bennett had his first day of Pre-K last Monday and he was so thrilled to be back at it. The preschool starts a week later than the school and it was torture for him to send Cal off to school everyday while he had to stay home.
Bennett + Veronica

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Almost ONE.

I can't believe baby girl is one is one day. No joke, out of all my babies, this feels like the fastest year yet. I've been feeling super nostalgic thinking back and today as we were getting ready for a day full of soccer & soccer pics tomorrow, I couldn't help but think back to that day last year and it's still so clear. I remember walking up and just feeling off all day, so tired, an achy back and just out of sorts. We all went to Cal's soccer game, then I came home and took a nap with Bennett & Suzie while Ian took Cal to soccer pics. We spent the rest of the afternoon at home, took a nighttime family walk and I went into full blown labor shortly after we got home. And by 10:28 p.m. our lives were blessed by our little angel.
Ian gave Emmie her first Nutella & jam sandwich and she loved it.... and loved "painting" with it.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

We have a first grader!

Cal was back to school on Tuesday, and he couldn't have been more thrilled for the day to come. He was on cloud 9 when we (the whole fam) took him to school that morning... hugging friends, praying with his peers, screaming the school cheer at the top of his lungs & proudly walking in as a first grader. And I left him with such a full heart.

Screaming Eagle

And this is why we call her the Screaming Eagle...
(some of you might have already sent his awhile back on IG :)

That's a wrap.

Summer you were good to us... probaly one of the most fun-filled yet. But it's time to say good-bye and send the kiddos off to school.
Jamba Juice!
Sawyer + Emmie

cookie dough thief
Last day of summer hike up the Icicle Gorge