Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weekend w/ the kids

We had Luke and Logan for the weekend (and Jenni/Lars for part of the weekend), and had so much fun with these two. Cal even got to spend sometime with the Hakensens, sans mom and dad while we went to a wedding.

Cal thought it was fabulous having a crib buddy...

...and to wake up to his company still at the house.

we playdough'dand went to Kid Valley and Archie McPhee's played outside he shared his cars Our attempt at putting Cal to bed Friday night... it took awhile.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

this & that

Per the post below, Cal loves getting new shoes. I bought him a new pair last week but I haven't let him wear them cause I'm still tying to decide if they fit ok. He made the executive decision to keep/wear them.

showing off his new kicks

picking berries

helpful little sous chef

someone loves lil' smokies

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

favorite things

Cal's getting harder and harder to get a decent pic of cause he never stops moving so instead of pics I'll do a little update on the big guy. It's so crazy how he went from baby to little boy overnight. The kid is a riot to be around, so much personality. Here are a couple things that make me crazy about Cal, at the moment (that I can think of).
  • I love that he just one day randomly took up sign language and Ian and I had to get out our book to see what he was saying and now he constantly signs eat, more, please and started signing poop tonight
  • he's a little chatter box. His vocab is huge and it makes life so much easier now that he can tell us what he wants (most of the time)
  • love that when he asks for a snack, water, etc. and I ask him what he's supposed to say (i.e. please) he says "more" instead
  • love that when I tell him to say hi on the phone the first thing he does is kisses the phone and says "MUAH"
  • love that last night when I put him to bed he said "love you, bye"
  • love that when wakes up in the morning he calls for "mommy" and "daddy"
  • love that he loves shoe shopping and is so proud when he gets a new pair
  • love that he just adores Clyde and Suzie and asks for them at least 98 times a day (and that when he pets Suzie he tells her "good girl")
  • love that if he had to pick one thing to take somewhere with him, it's always a book
  • love that he's such a boy. he's so into trucks, elk, playing with dirt/rocks, and he's one tough cookie
  • love that he can spot an airplane in the sky from anywhere and points and says "up, up, up" until it's out of sight
  • love that he just adores his dad
  • love that after I take a pic he likes to look at the picture on the camera
  • loves that he know every animal sound imaginable

Every boy needs a book of trucks

Cal's bat has been replaced. His new book goes everywhere with us. He's obsessed. He wakes up asking for his book and can't stop talking about cars, trucks, choo-choo's, up (aka airplanes) and tractors.

Friday, September 18, 2009

It must be a boy thing.

I came out of my bedroom to find this...

(Jenni - remind you of someone??)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alpine Lakes Wilderness hike

I went on a grueling hike with Joe, Mike, Mark, and Buddha last weekend. It was rad. My feet are destroyed but it was definitely worth it. Hopefully we can make this a tradition. Here are a few pictures.

Heading out from the trailhead

Day hike to un-named peak

Lake Mary (base camp)

Self portrait

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Cal & Lo show

I was looking through my pics from the weekend and all but 1 are of Cal and Logan. These two are such great buddies. For a 6 year age difference, it's amazing how well they get along... Logan is so patient/attentive to Cal (sure makes my life easier when she's around).

We went over to Wenatchee for a long weekend while Ian was on a man's weekend exploring the woods (he'll post pics of his adventure)...

playing with Lo after her soccer game
Cal went to his first movie (movie night in the park). I expected him to last 20 mins, but he made it through the whole movie. Logan kept him entertained pre-movie.
Cal sat in my lap for part of the movie, then moved to Lo's lap half way through

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dad's gone for the weekend and Cal's ready to party

got a fancy hair-duand paid a visit to the wine fridge

Monday, September 7, 2009

He's all talk.

Cal loves to talk about animals, loves making animal sounds, loves looking at them in books and loves watching animal videos on YouTube. But when it came to seeing the animals in real life at the fair, he hated it. Must be a phase. The dog barn was a safe bet though, that and the bunnies.

the ducks get a little smilewarming up to the horses

pretty princess

Friday, September 4, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Making Gram proud

Anyone who knows my mom, knows that she loves to vacuum. Apparently this is a trait Cal got from her. He loves vacuuming and the second I get my vacuum out, he grabs his and trails me around the house. It's too bad his doesn't suck cause he covers a lot of ground.