Friday, June 28, 2013

Dad's day

His only request for the day was BBQ some red meat & shoot the rocket with the boys, and those two things are exactly what we did (and all the boys got to head out to Cresent Bar to play for a bit with friends while I was at work). A simple and perfect way to celebrate our #1.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our littlest Catholic

You know your kids go to Catholic school when they know The Lord's Prayer before they can write the alphabet. Thanks to big bro, Bennett now knows it too.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Our little gymnast

This is SO annoying all my pics are uploading sideways. Anyone else have this problem with Blogger & a Canon SLR?! Anyway, Bennett had his summer gymnastics show today and he couldn't have been more excited about performing for an "audience." He stopped and waved at his entourage between each & every trick.
the fan club

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well hello, third trimester!

28 weeks down, 12 more (hopefully less) to go! Right now, aside from starting to feel pretty large and slightly less-mobile, I'm probably feeling the best I have throughout the whole pregnancy (& embracing it cause I know its short lived as I near the home stretch). The only thing that's been a little rough has been the heat, but that's what AC is for.
Everyone wants to know how the nursery is coming along and the pic below sums that up... We haven't started on it.  I've bought all kids of fun things for her room and have a vision, however it's in a heap in our room. Operation: get-baby-sister's-room-in-order is next on the agenda (hopefully in July)...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Preschool graduation.

Cal had his preschool graduation back on June 7th and it was such a wonderful celebration to end an awesome year. Pre-graduation the kids also performed "The Grouchy Ladybug" and Cal was a snake in the play. Get ready to strain your next to look at the pics, cause yet again I can't get Blogger to upload them right-side-up...
First & last day of Pre-K
here comes the snake!
Cal proudly bowing (he LOVES performances)
and here comes our graduate
Cal's teacher is pretty incredible. She makes all of the kids a personalized scrapbook that contains pics and their personal highlights from the last 2 years in her class. Such a treasure! 
Cal & Miss Lima (his classroom aide the last 2 years)
The cross on the hill was lit up that night in honor of the St. Joe's graduating preschool class, so Cal got to stay up a little past his normal bedtime to see it. 

So long training wheels!

Cal made up his mind yesterday that it was time to take his training wheels off so after some practice last night and some more tonight, he nailed it. And I mean really nailed it, he has it down and what's even more awesome is how proud he is of his accomplishment. I don't think I've ever seen him so determined to master something, as he was this. Our two goals for the summer: 1) learn how to ride without training wheels 2)learn to tie his shoes. Well we're half way there and only 1 week & 1 day into the summer!
(please disregard the obnoxious "yeehaw" at the end)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

t-ball finale

Cal had his last tball game last weekend and I think we're all a little sad to see the season end. He LOVED it and I think it's safe to say, baseball is probably his favorite sport he's played (and he's really good, my bragging mom plug ;)  And I couldn't have been more proud of him during his last game, he killed it!
3 for 3 batting during the last game... without the 't' of course ;)

40 years of marital bliss

We had the fam over for a BBQ this last weekend to celebrate Mom & Dad's 40 years of marriage (woohoo) before they jet off to Hawaii for several weeks! How wonderful is that, 40 years?! Cheers to another wonderful 40 Mom & Dad.
 our attempts at a family pics...


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our haps.

I came home from a meeting one night to this...
we celebrated our 7 year anniversary!
A game of musical beds. They will sleep anywhere as long as it's together.

Our favorite fruit stand with the most amazing milkshakes opened for the season, and  let's just say we've been good customers so far.

my little green thumb and I have been busy hitting the nurseries & planting
Ian's started a "little" project in our backyard...

lazy #1 & lazy #2
25 weeks

Talk about stylish, the girls made me feel VERY unstylish and very dated.
26 weeks, but feeling and looking about 36. In the past 2 days I've had 2 people say, "you must be due any day!" Nope, just 3 more months to go....
A sign of summer, swim lessons!
And lastly, after lots of practice Cal mastered The Lord's Prayer.


I just noticed that I uploaded these pics but never posted them... Probably about a month ago we spent the morning playing with friends, first stopping at Anjou Bakery for some sweet treats and then off to Smallwoods we went.
Smallwoods never gets old. It's such a fun place for the kiddos to feed the animals and run around and play. We all got such a kick out of this guy who had figured out how to raise this bucket by himself after the kids filled it with food.
And the fun didn't stop there, this was during our major hot spell so the boys spent the rest of the day playing in their pool and "jumping off their diving boards."