Sunday, December 30, 2007

35 Weeks

We had our last bi-weekly doctor’s appointment this past week – starting next week we will be going every week. The doctor said that everything looks good! The baby is measuring on track and she guessed that he’s around six pounds right now. She also said he’ll probably be somewhere around eight pounds when he’s born (hopefully he doesn’t take after his mom – she was a whopping 9 lbs five ounces).

After our last appointment when we found out the baby is in the head down, ready to come out position we were reading some materials that said babies usually don’t get in this position until 36 weeks, therefore we asked the doctor if this was ok and she said it’s fine as every baby/pregnancy is different. As long as Julie doesn’t start having contractions we’re all good. However, the doctor did reassure us that if the baby were to come tomorrow, he’d be o.k.

We did a tour of the Swedish birthing center a couple of weekends ago and also had our childbirth preparation class and they were both really helpful. Getting both of these under our belt made us both feel much more prepared and educated on the whole process.

The nursery is still a work in progress but is getting there. We are in the process of getting everything organized and put away and will post pictures in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s some pics of Julie at 35 weeks.

Suzie's chair

Christmas 2007

Here are some pictures from Christmas. The dogs of course had a lot of fun opening their presents. We first put their wrapped gifts under the tree and realized that they weren't going to last long under there so we then moved them to their stockings. After Clyde spent an hour staring up at his stocking we felt bad so we let them go ahead and open them.

The dogs opening their presents

The dogs enjoying their presents

The dogs thanking Ian for their gifts

Our Christmas picture

The beautiful (Charlie Brown) Christmas tree

Thursday, December 13, 2007

33 Week Appointment

Today we had our 33 week appointment and everything looks good! The baby continues to move a lot and is getting the hiccups about twice a day. He’s a night owl and is most active at night – after dinner and while Julie is in bed. Julie’s having quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions so the dr. checked today to make sure these aren’t the real deal (which we were confident they weren’t), and the good news is that they aren’t. She did say the baby’s head is really low which is causing Julie quite a bit of pain but it’s good that he’s in the right position.

This weekend we have our childbirth preparation class at Swedish and also have a tour of the birthing suites scheduled to familiarize us with the process of what to do and where to go when Julie goes into labor. And next week we have a meet and great with the baby’s pediatrician!

In other good news, the nursery furniture arrived and is all set up (and we love it), which was perfect timing cause Julie had a place to put all the amazing goodies she received at the shower last weekend. Now we have some major decorating to do. Once it’s decorated, we’ll post picks.