Monday, April 26, 2010

Run Callahan, Run

Cal's got the running bug. Anywhere we go he wants to run to get there and is always telling me "mommy run" so I'll apparently keep up. He could run for hours on the trampoline at gymnastics which is great for me cause it means one tired kiddo afterward.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well that's a first.

After we put Cal to bed, he usually reads/plays in his bed for a bit then before we go to bed we go in and check on him. We got a little surprise the other night when we found him curled up on the floor asleep, nicely covered up with his babies.

Monday, April 19, 2010

There & back in a jiff

We took a quick trip over the mountains last weekend to see the tulips in Skagit Valley and visit Ian's folks, and managed to squeeze in oodles of other activities too - hair cut, facial, running errands, a little bit of shopping, grabbing a bite (&Jamba Juice), visit with the Hintons, got a baby fix and met the very precious Baby Madeline Henry, and more. Makes me tired to think about all that we fit into 36 hours - my very patient hubby is pretty understanding of my love of Seattle amenities that I haven't been able to part with since we moved... the hunter men playing tourists smelling the flowers
and smelling more..
a sea of tulips
Cal got his own bag of kettle corn after he sat down with two nice ladies and tried to take theirs
chatting over some booty

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Take me out to the ball game.

We went to see the Cougs play baseball this week (which Cal has become recently obsessed with) and the best part was we didn't have to leave Wenatchee. They played Seattle U in town and I was surrounded by some great company.

Cal's Used Car Lot & Farm Supply.

Poor Ian's car has taken a permanent parking spot outside to make room for all of Cal's rigs, and the sad thing is that there's more out back.and he doesn't play favorites.

Cheap entertainment

The farmers are working on the wheat fields behind our house and Cal was in HEAVEN watching the "big tractor" do whatever it was doing. I can't wait for the harvest this fall - a free in-home babysitter.
the perfect vantage point, our bed

Getting ready for baby.

(poor Cal's face got all buggered up at gymnastics)

So pretty.

Someone got into mommy's lipstick.

Happy belated b-day! the coolest 13 year old I know. "the kids" playing with Luke's new helicopter and he couldn't get enough of it
Ian as the helipad...28 years old going on 13 ;)
all fun and games until the helicopter gets stuck in a tree and the big guy attempts to rescue it

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Big Trucks" Galore

We went to a fundraising event called Touch-a-Truck yesterday where there were, in Cal's words, lots of "big, big trucks!" - police cars, an ambulance, fire truck, garbage truck, tractors, race cars, buses, a helicopter, and more, and Cal got to sit in all of them. Of course, his favorites were the tractors with the fire/ladder truck and then ambulance coming in second and third. It was Cal's dream come true and the best $12 we've spent in a long time.

all business

and again, all business playing fireman driving the ladder truck telling me to get in his side-car ambulance fun This was insane! A helicpoter landed in the parking lot and was feet above us when it flew in. It was all fun & games until everyone watching got sprayed with debris from the ground. Now anytime Cal hears the word helicopter he covers his eye and talks about his eye hurting. Def. worth getting a little debris microdermabrasion to see this land so close. and he even got to sit in it hanging out in the drug raid rig this pretty much sums up our day - us chasing after Cal for 2 hours

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello 3rd trimester!

Earlier this week I had another ultrasound and we got to see our sweet little baby boy. With Cal, I didn't have one this late into my pregnancy, so it was crazy to see what the baby looks actual baby. I've had a bunch u/s's this time around and it's been so cool to see the baby grow, from 6 weeks being a spot on the screen to now a little babe with a precious little face. With the position of the baby when the tech was trying to get a profile shot, we ended up seeing the baby's face front on. So crazy. The tech goes, "that's some chin" and then looked at us to see who's chin it was. We knew right away where it came from...Cal (his chin was very defined & a bit pointy when he was little). Unfortunately, we didn't get a face shot, but we did see the limber little guy scratching his face with his foot and got a pic of that. the chin

Beep Beep, Who's got the keys to the jeep?!

Monday, April 5, 2010

"Happy To" Easter

... in the words of Cal. He thought Easter was an all day b-day celebration cause of all the presents and treats. We'll work on the meaning of the day next year... We had great day and enjoyed spending our very first Easter at home. I swear I am still full from all the food.
Cal's face coming down the stairs and seeing the goodies from the Easter bunny was priceless.

How many Hunters does it take to get Pez in the dispenser?

Mmm, candy for breakfast.We did a egg hunt at Jenni's house and Cal didn't make it out the door without the first causality of the day On a mission to find his share of the 97 hidden eggs (for two kids)