Monday, May 11, 2015

Apple blossom

We had the best Apple Blossom this year. The littles make it so fun. I love creating festival traditions with them like I had when I was younger. First up, the kiddy parade.
I walked in the parade with the boys and Ian & Emmie watched with friends.
Next up, watching our favorite dancer perform in the park.
and hitting the food fair (one of many times...)
Food fair round #2.
Next up, Classy Chassy parade.
Cal was in the parade riding in his buddies' grandparents pimped out suburban. He had the best time.
And last, the grand parade with friends.
This girl loves parades.

March & April

So much blogging to do, so little time... Here's my attempt at a little bit of a catch up.
Sausage making way back when in March
Cal's leprechaun trap that him and Ian "engineered" this year.
St. Patty's Day parade with friends
A overdue visit with some dear friends.
Playdating with friends
book worm
Mother/Son basketball night at the school
Bennett's preschool made resurrection eggs. This kid had the Easter story down pack. I highly recommend doing these!
Emmie's obsessed with the boys' toy snakes. She immediately puts them around her neck when she finds them.
Someone found a jar of Easter malt eggs at Gram & Pops and snuck off and went to town eating them.
Celebrating Luke's 18th birthday!
My girlfriends and I hosted a shower for our dear friend Lindsey
Another tooth bites the dust
Getting to soccer practice one night... I was wondering why the boys didn't jump out of the car when we pulled in like they
normally do.
Poor sis was called a little boy at Costco again.... 
Ever since Disneyland we have a major Mickey obsession... Sitting on her Minnie couch, with Mickey & Minnie, watching Mickey
Riding the loop
she's a climbing monster!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


She LOVES her sister.
Penny & her half brother, Hawk.
Emmie's slowly coming around to her...
Crazy Penny
Naughty Penny!