Monday, May 26, 2014

And a little bit of everything else...

best buddies @ Christian Field Day
look who graduated to the big kid tub!

8 Months (a little late)

Our little love bug hit the 8 month mark on May 14th.  And I've probably said this every month for the last four, but 8 months is awesome. This little girl is pure joy to be around. She loves life, loves her brothers, loves Suzie, loves people & loves being held. And she has 8 teeth already, crazy! 
I meant to post these videos last month. Emmie is quite the babbler. Around 7 months, everything was "da da, da da" in all different pitches. No "ma ma" yet. And the second video is of her giving love. She gives thebiggest hugs and the wettest kisses.

Hailey is 6

We went over the mountains last weekend to celebrate one of our favorite girl's 6th birthday. Such a fun party and as always the boys had the best time with the Hinton girls.
Bennett + Harper
Emmie + Joe (her Godfather)

Emmie + Gina (her Godmother)
Emmie was so excited to finally get to spend some time with these two!
the birthday girl

Summatime (almost)

You would think we had an in-ground pool with the way the boys talk about "our pool" and how excited they are to play in it...
watching her bros
hiding/waiting for dad to get home from work for a water balloon ambush..

Mother's Day

Another wonderful Mother's Day, spent with the fam and continuing our tradition of visiting nurseries, planting my pots & landscaping.
Cal made me the BEST gift at school this year... love notes, a card, flowers with "coupons" for a free kiss, hug & room cleaning.
the boys were less than thrilled to take a pic w/ me at church

my green thumb helper
Ian on the other hand, was a little less than thrilled with some of the planting projects that I came up with.