Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dancing queen.

Ahhhhhh, I can't even handle this little one. She loves to dance, this is a mild version. As soon as she hears music shes starts booty shaking, shuffling, waving her hands in the air, yelling. Love!
And her sweet little voice (turn up your volume, for some reason it's really quiet)...

Friday, November 21, 2014

An hodge-podge of happenings.

In no particular order....
a full bed
all things girlie & I can't get enough of it!
free rein over her bro's stuff while they're at school
Emmie joined her bro's in running wild down the Target toy isles
Big Hero 6 with friends
an unsuccessful elk hunting season...
Wild (hockey) game
We were on the west side for a day last weekend the girls (Emmie & I) went to the mall and Ian took the boys to see the reindeer & animals at Swanson's Nursery.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Say Cheese

1st grade

The great tree hunt.

We got an early jump on the Christmas tree hunt this year and went up to Shelton's tree farm last weekend to pick one out (picking up later this month). It was such a gorgeous day, so different than year's past when we go up later in the month and the kids are freezing, muddy, wet, etc.  
the one.
ending the day with some Leavenworth fun.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby girl is off!

Miss Emmie Mae is officially a walker & officially keeping mama really busy! She's always walking, literally, just walking for sake of walking. She's so funny, we had no idea when she would start walking cause her 'learning to walk' process was SO different than the boys. She wouldn't hold our hands and walk with us, she wouldn't push the toys that the boys used to practice walking, she wouldn't stand when we'd try and stand her up, she'd only do it when she wanted to. But she did it exactly how I thought she would... she went from taking one, sometimes two, steps here and there to full blown walking. It's like she was just waiting to walk until she knew she could nail it.

And also true to her personality, it took days to get a video of her cause every time I'd get the camera cued up or try and get her to walk for me, she wouldn't. Here's the first video I got of her.
And this was a couple days later....

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is becoming one of my favorite days (of course, trailing behind bdays, Christmas & the 4th of July). I just love the excitement of the kiddos and any excuse to have a house full of friends. We continued our tradition of a little Halloween get-together at our house & trick-or-treating in the hood. 
Red Power Ranger, "Army Man" & the cutest little bumblebee
The boys wanted a "battle" picture.
Now that this little peanut is walking & always on the go, getting a pic was no easy feat.
...and they're off!
The perfect ending to a great night... PJ's and a movie with friends.
Cal was wiped, he passed out during the post trick-or-treating fun.
the kids were thrilled to get dressed up again the day after to go visit Oma.