Thursday, February 26, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, on Feb. 11th, I blinked and Cal turned 7! The joy birthdays bring the kids is priceless, he'd been counting down to the big day for months. And we did it up, for what felt like weeks of birthday fun. On his actual birthday we did a family dinner out, cake & presents.

A couple days later for his friends' bday gathering, Cal invited his four best buddies over (and Bennett).  We took all the boys to the bowling alley for some bowling and arcade fun and then back to our house for more outside play including an epic Star Wars battle and football game (hallelujah for amazing weather). We finished the night with pizza and sundaes, and then a slumber party with his best friend. It was perfect. My favorite "party" to-date... these boys have the greatest friendship.

This boy is a true gem. He's kind, considerate, compassionate, innocent, loves-life, lives & breaths sports, Star Wars & legos, is such a great helper, is sensitive, imaginative and so much more.

7 year old birthday quiz 
Name: Callahan
Age: 7
Most exciting thing about being 7: it's fun
Favorite sport to play: football
Favorite sport to watch: football
Favorite sports team: Cougs
Favorite book: Star Wars
Favorite movie: Star Wars
Favorite song: Star Wars song
Favorite tv show: Star Wars
Favorite color: orange
What do you want to be when you grow up? A snake hunter
Best friend(s): Cormac, Uli, Henry & Emerson
Favorite toy: my king cobra
Favorite thing to do with mom: make cookies together
Favorite thing to do with dad: Help him build stuff:
Favorite thing to do with mom & dad: Play with you
Favorite place to eat: McDonalds
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite breakfast: toast w/ honey
Favorite lunch: cheese sandwich
Favorite thing about school: Playing with my friends
What’s your favorite memory from this last year: going camping

7-year stats:
Height: 4' 4"
Weight: 62 lbs 


This girl loves her "bee-bees" and I love watching her play little mama with them. And the best part, is every now and then she gets a little huffy with them when they don't "cooperate".
and when she was tired of her babies not behaving she moved on to waiting for Dad to get home

Blast off!

We have been having the most insane late-Winter, the weather has been incredible and we're loving this early Spring. Hopefully it's here to stay. This was at the end of January...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Emmie Mae had her 15 month check-up. Height: 32.5" Weight: 24 lbs. 1 oz. She is feisty, loud, so lovable, funny, spunky, quirky, a little dare devil, a bit clumsy, is obsessed with grabbing snacks out of the snack cabinet, loves making friends with strangers when we're out and about, loves books, talks so much, repeats a ton, is putting words together ("thank you mom", "where cal go?") and has a bit of a "meme" (aka pacifier) addiction. 
the lil' human tornado
meeting Elsa at story time
Suzie seems to think she's the one who got the new couch for Christmas.
date night.
FroYo date with Dad
My bday present from B, a "birthday party potato head"
The big 3-4
Trip to Seattle with my sis, niece & mom. They saw Dirty Dancing, I shopped.
Happy Birthday Mom!
B, E & I joined Cal for lunch during Catholic Schools week and Bennett thought sitting with the big boys was the coolest.
"say cheese"