Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So long summer.

You've been good to us... I'm pretty sure we just enjoyed our last weekend of 90 degree summer weather and we kinda went out with a bang (or maybe not so much a bang, but stayed really been busy and soaked up the sunshine). In fact, we've been so busy having fun that I've barely taken any pics the last couple of weeks. We've been playing at Cresent Bar, playing outside, park playdates, swimming, etc. And this last weekend we had Cal's school's annual Harvest Festival, the boys went to the races, a sleepover with my favorite 9 year old (Logan) and a trip to Winthrop to cheer on my sis who was running a marathon (26.2 miles, yowza!).
my attempt at trying to get a pic of the boys at Harvest Fest
The boys at a Wild (hockey) scrimmage
Ian off to work & Cal off to school.
garbage day!
look who got a new 'fire chief' outfit
hanging out with Wenatchee's finest at the races
this is what a day at Harvest Fest and a night at the races will do to you.Winthrop
Jenni crossing the finish line. And get this, my sis is a rock star, she finished in 3 hrs. 46 mins & placed second in her division!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm always so curious what Cal's world is like for the 2.5 hours he's gone to preschool so I was tickled to get an email from his teacher with this picture of the class yesterday.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My one & only for 2.5 hours today.

Today was the first day since Cal started preschool that Bennett and I didn't have any plans, so after we dropped brother off we came home, hung out, did a little grocery shopping, and it was amazing. My little one loves him some 1:1 time with momma. And boy, it's crazy how EASY things are with just 1.
enjoying brother's toys in peace.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

playing tourists.

A couple weekends back we spent the weekend playing tourists in our own town. First up, Rocky Reach Dam.

a little visit with the "maintenance landscapers"
a friendly reminder not to throw your baby overboard
making electricity
Next up, Ohme Gardens with Grammie & Pa who were in town for the night.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the boys.

These two love hard and they fight hard. In this moment it was nothing but love but I tell you, it can change with the wind. I'm not sure if it's a boy thing or a 3.5 year old 'everything is mine' thing but I'm ready for it to pass and for my fantasy of these two magically getting along, sharing toys, and playing together for hours on end in the playroom without me having to be a referee to become a reality (don't burst my bubble here and tell me this isn't going to happen we can all dream, right?)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's the B-man up to?

My blog has been lacking in the "what awesome things are my kids doing now" posts cause right now about all I have the time & energy for are posting the few pics I have taken of our summer adventures. So this is all about Bennett

Where to begin.... He's 14 months, VERY active, very rarely stops moving, eats almost as much as I do, loves dogs, gives the best kisses, loves his brother dearly but also loves 1:1 time with mom & dad, is extremely stubborn, learned how to throw a tantrum, loves books, loves stuffed animals, is a bath fanatic, lights up with excitement when Ian gets home from work, has the best 'stink face,' has a smile that will light up a room, still has 7 teeth, loves to dance and starts shaking it at any hint of music, loves playing chase, is a great sleeper, says "what's this?" about 150x a days, signs milk, also says - hieeee (hi), buh-bye, Suz, oh wow, whoa, ball, mama, dada, eat, woof-woof, uh-oh, night-night, no no, and a lot of other words that I can't think of.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Officially a Preschooler!

Our first day of preschool didn't go quite as planned. This weekend we got a call from Cal's teacher saying the first day of school was canceled cause she had jury duty. Boo. So this morning we were taking our sweet time around the house and just sitting down for breakfast when the school called and said school was back on. I thought about just bagging it and waiting until Thursday, but I just couldn't stand Cal missing this "first day." So in a fury we raced around the house, packed a backpack, got pretty and flew out the door. He LOVED school and could care less when it was time for me leave, Cal's apparently got better things to do now.

I think I might have to stage another not-so-rushed 'first day of school' photoshoot on Thursday cause I literally shoved Cal out the door for this not-so-great pic.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Nothing but love here...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hitting the gym (the kids, that is).

We took a summer hiatus from play gym and opted to spend our play time outside. Well I got a little tired of chasing my fearless little boy, Bennett, literally all over parks and looking like a crazy lady so I thought we'd give play gym a go (a nice safe confined area). It was the first time we've been there where Bennett has actually gotten to 'play,' and play is axactly what he (and Cal) did for a good hour.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Preschool orientation.

Cal had preschool orientation today to get acquainted with his teacher, classmates, etc. He's been REALLY looking forward to starting school and has packed his backpack almost daily for the last couple of months with all things he thinks he need for school (including my bra one day....). So today was a big deal that he got to finally go. I've been a little worried about his separation anxiety since he's been pretty attached to momma this summer, but we've been talking a lot about me dropping him off and he seems to be ok with it. And today, he could care less that I was there. The teacher had the kids for 1.5 hrs playing, reading, snacking, and he had a blast. Crossing my finger that next Tuesday goes as well.

Happy 'i said yes' & 'welcome to our family Suzie' Day

6 years ago today Ian asked me to marry him and I screamed 'YES, YES, YES' from the rooftops (or from my tiny Greenlake apartment) & it also happens to be the day that a very special lady joined our family. I gained a daughter and a fiance all in one day, what a lucky girl I am!