Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This little peanut had her best night yet, last night and I sure hope we're on to something (although now I'm probably totally jinxing us writing this....) She went to bed at 8 p.m., got up at 2:30 for a little snack and then was back to sleep until 7:20 when I woke her up to take the boys to school. Sleep little one, sleep!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekly photo dump.

Thank heavens for iphones... Otherwise our poor little blog might never be updated (not to mention I wouldn't have any pics to share). Here's a look at some of our happenings over the last week. Our sweet Emmie Mae is 6 weeks old tomorrow. No major updates... she's starting to smile more and more everyday and she's also started sleeping in her bassinet at night (hooray), and we're settling into a nice (early) bedtime routine which has been great.
our version of tummy time.
Suz after her spa day
twinsie Wolverines at a bday party.
Getting crazy at Oktoberfest
story of our lives
milk coma
still loving bathtime
my view from the kitchen window the other day
sleepy smiles
Bennett babysitting again...
smiles for mom
getting the hang of this binky thing
story of her life, sleeping on the go... always.
Jade + Bennett
our naptime swaddle compromise... one arm out

Monday, October 14, 2013

1 month!

Our sweet little girl is 1 month old today. Crazy to think how different our lives were 1 month & 1 day ago. And also crazy how fast a month can fly by.  Emmie is still a sleepy little thing most days but has been waking up more. Her favorite places to sleep are still in someone's arms or her swing and she's also getting good at sleeping on the go since the majority of our day is spent chauffeuring kids. At 3 weeks she caught her first cold (sad), she's still sleeping consistently at night in 3-4 hour stretches, she's not a big fan of being swaddled but we still wrap her up like a little burrito at night and during the day we've compromised on the swaddle by letting her keep one arm out, she loves the Ergo, this last week she's started occasionally smiling in response to me talking to her, she loves to be held, she's the most awake/alert in the evenings, she sticks her tongue out constantly, she makes the sweetest coo'ing sounds, I think she could wake our neighbors when she poo's, she seems to like getting baths and the sound of the vacuum completely soothes her. So there it is, a little update on all the things we're learning about our baby girl.

The Weekend.

This last weekend was one of those perfect fall family weekends. Saturday, the Hinton's came to town and we met up at Smallwoods, outside of Leavenworth, and the boys were over the moon to spend some time with the Hinton girls (and of course, we were thrilled to see Joe & Gina). Cal & Hailey always seem to pick up right were they left off the last time they were together. Such great little friends.
We also met up for a bit with our friends the Allens (Jade's family). The kids in order on the cow train starting from the front: Jade, Hailey, Bennett, some random kid & Cal.
dinner at Milepost 111
On Sunday, Ian's folks were in town for the morning, Cal had a birthday party to go to, then the 5 of us went out to Cider Works for Cider Fest. What a gorgeous day!
sling-shotting apples
apple bin rides

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pics of the little ones.

Our week in pics (minus this weekend)...
sorry for the sideways pics, blogger isn't cooperating...
Emmie's first piece of mail.
walking to the park
all tuckered out after our nightly walk