Monday, May 31, 2010

In the home stretch.

I can't believe we're in the final month! The baby's laundry is laundered, the crib is ready, the name is kinda locked, the diaper supply is ample... But the list of still need to 'to do's' is even longer. For the most part we're ready to bring this baby home, but I sure am hoping that we have at least another 3 weeks of him growing in my belly so I can finish up a lot of lingering things on our to do list. We'll see. As of right now, sounds like he could come a little early, but I certainly am not planning on it since Cal was also supposed to come early and he had to be bribed out with an induction 8 days past his due date.

testing out the equipment for his little brother.

Memorial Day Weekend

This was one of the first Memorial Day weekends in a long time - that I can remember - that we didn't go anywhere and it was awesome not fighting the holiday traffic. Instead we hung out around the house, met up with some good friends (the Henry's) at Cresent Bar for a day on the water/beach, BBQ'd, went to the movies, played at the park, etc. All-in-all a great weekend! If only I would have taken more pics...

this kid LOVESSSSS boating. Captain Cal. Pretty sure the highlight of his weekend was driving the boat.

swinging monkey

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday family fun day.

Every year we go away for our anniversary and this year the plan was a weekend in Whistler. After a little last minute thinking we had a change in plans cause we were both a little hesitant to hit the road for 7 hours and travel to another country at 34+ weeks prego. We looked into places a little closer to home but our minds were pretty set on Whistler so we decided to post-pone our little weekend away for another weekend {hopefully} shortly post baby #2's arrival. So instead we vowed to do some fun stuff around here and not let errands and house chores bog us down. Out of a list of about 5 ideas of "family fun" things to do we got one accomplished and are saving the others for the coming last weekends as a family of 3.

Friday's agenda: morning/afternoon in Leavenworth.

Started the day with a walk around Blackbird Island.

had some lunch

did a little jig in the park

ate gingerbread cookies (and salt water taffy and fudge...)played at the park
And hit the fish hatchery before calling it a successful family fun day.

Love this!

I stole this pic off my sister's blog and had to post cause I think it's such a fabulous pic! Amazing to have all of us (especially kids) looking & smiling at the camera.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pool, party, the farm & a sunday stroll

Cal had a party to go to on the west side this weekend, his lady friend Hailey's 2nd b-day, so we made a weekend out of it. We stayed at a hotel on Friday night so Cal could get his swim on. After the party on Saturday we went up to the farm to visit Ian's folks. On Sunday, we decided to take a little drive and head home over the North Cascades. We'd been talking about driving over them for years so we figured it would be a lot easier to spend the extra time in the car with one kiddo vs. two. Such a fun and beautiful drive.

a little guy talk in the hot tub. Cat napping in the car heading to the party. Some kids sleep with stuffed animals - Cal has to sleep with his tractor in hand. and leaving the party. working out in the garden with grammie scenic stops on the North Cascades and an ice cream stop in Winthrop

Can he be any cuter?!

I can't get enough of the me and Cal time right now, knowing that our time as just the two of us will be few and far between once Baby H. makes his debut. He's full of life and just cracks me up. I swear he gets cuter, smarter, wittier by the day. Tonight he asked for more "butt cream" for his corn bread (think he meant butter), his new favorite saying is "oh my gosh", tells me all day long that I'm a good girl, is obsessed with Dilly Bars and is the politest two year old I know.

4 years!

It's always fun to see what each year of marriage brings our way. This year was a big belly full of a little guy that's almost ready to enter the world and a vivacious two year old that keeps us on our toes and brings more joy to our family than ever imaginable.

Practice makes perfect

We're slowly but shirley getting ready for baby and so is Cal... he might be more ready than we are. The other day we were in the baby's room getting the crib put together and decided to give swaddling another go. Now Cal's been a swaddling machine with his baby doll and it melts my heart. He meticulously lays out the blanket on the floor, tucks babys' arms down, wraps her up and then puts her to bed. He's also started being super affectionate to his baby - rubbing her head and giving kisses. Now hopefully he's only as sweet to the real deal, here in 6 weeks.
having dad help him put baby to bed today I came in his room and found baby wrapped up and put to bed in the car seat

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hooray, hooray for the 8th of May!

We celebrated Ian's last year as a twenty-something on Saturday and in Ian style we BBQ'd, drank some beer (not me, boo) and spent the afternoon with some great company.

getting a little help from the present opener master.And for the those that don't know the meaning of "hooray, hooray for the 8th of May," here you have it. I'm not saying it on the blog... ;)

And on Sunday...

I feel so lucky to be a mom to such an amazing kiddo and I wanted nothing more than to spend Mother's Day with my two favorite guys and enjoy the amazing weather outside. My wish was to plant some plants, and that's what I got. And I even think I have a little green thumb in the making.

Silly Cal

Last week we moved Cal from his toddler bed in his old room to his big boy bed (a mattress on the floor, cause the bed we ordered months ago is still not here, UGH) in his new room. He didn't seem to mind the ghetto accommodations - this is how we found him the first night sound asleep when we went to check on him.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

T-minus 8 weeks...

The countdown is really on and the weeks seem to be flying by. When I was pregnant with Cal each week couldn't come fast enough. And this time around I'm hoping these last weeks go by slow and that baby decides not to come early so I can enjoy every single minute that I have with Cal.

Emotionally (and physically) this pregnancy has been really different than round 1. With Cal, it was all the unknowns of not having a kid, wondering if I had enough diapers and sleepers, labor & delivery, etc. that was keeping me up at night. This time around, all my thoughts are centered around Cal - how's he going to do when he has to share our attention with his brother, will he still know how much we love him when I can't give him my 100% all the time, will he like having a little brother, what will baby #2 be like compared to Cal, and more. We set the bar really high with Cal, so it's slightly stressing me out wondering what our next little boy is going to be like compared to him. And most importantly, I just want him to be healthy.

Besides all the "what ifs," I feel fairly ready to be a momma of two and I'm SO excited to meet this little guy in 8ish weeks!

Poor kid is already getting the second kid syndrome as our worlds haven't revolved around this pregnancy like they did with Cal. Ian and I realized last night that we haven't taken one belly shot. So for the safe of having proof that I did carry this child for 40 weeks, here's the belly at 32 weeks.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Apple Blossoms in the air

We did Apple Blossom up this year (an annual festival in Wenatchee) which meant lots of parades, good food in the park, and spending too much money on crafts we don't really need. This was the first time in years that we've been in town for all the fun and Cal had a ball.

parade #1

we got to see this super-star walking in the parade. parade #2. Cal inhaling his very first slurpee food & crafts in the park and parade #3

The highlight for Cal - the bands in the big parade