Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Playing catch-up.

Holy smokes, where have the last two weeks gone?! So much has happened and we're finally starting to get our heads above water. I'm ready for Feb. to pass and to welcome a new, hopefully less crazy, month. I officially have a two-year old, we're officially E. Wenatchee residents, we officially don't own a home in Seattle anymore and Ian officially knows now that there is a little bean growing inside of me cause he can feel the VERY active little boy in my tummy dancing now.

Lots of posts/pics below from our last couple of weeks.

And a little bit of everything else that we've been up to.

Cal being one of the girls at Lo's b-day party.and going to his first play, Cinderella.someone else was super tired from the move.we've been spending lots of time with these two now that we're locals. someone's been wearing their new bike helmet for hours on end. and to think, I was worried he wouldn't want to wear it at all.$18 later, Cal got a mullet. Lovely. The hair lady insisted that I leave it long in the back. WTF, not going back there again...
Rockin' out to Bon Jovi with Mom. The baby's going to come our ready to rock - we've been to Elton John, Billy Joel and Bon Jovi in the last two weeks and he sure gets moving at concerts.

We've moved.

It still hasn't completely set in that we don't live in Seattle anymore and that the charming little place we called home for the last three years is no longer ours. We're so excited about the move but I did shed a little tear for leaving our house - our first home, the place we brought our sweet baby boy home from the hospital to and the house that we put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making it ours.

a sea of boxeslast night in the housemoving company insisted they would be able to get everything in this truck......and they were wrong cause this is what our load looked like.

The BIG 2!

I can't believe Cal is two!?! He is one smart kiddo and amazes me everyday with how much he's learning. He has quite the vocab and rambles on and on and on, he's such a sweetheart and so compassionate but at the same time such a bossy little bee and a stubborn bugger, he's learning/knows some of his colors, knows how to spell Cal, has the funniest verbal and facial expressions, loves playing with his trucks, loves building things, loves snuggling with his "friends" (stuffed animals), is huge, is a sports nut, would do anything to spend 24 hours a day outside, loves Italian sodas and frapaccinos, is obsessed with animals and thinks all horses are named Bob, thinks all balloons, cookies, ice cream, candles and my mixer mean its a b-day celebrate and starts singing, asks for oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, gets really excited when you ask him how old he is so he can say two, loves having his picture taken and so much more.

We opted for a low-key b-day celebration and with the fam this year to celebrate Cal and Logan's b-days cause of all the craziness in our lives right now. Cal had a blast and it's now just an excuse for me to go all out next year for #3!
Yay for being 2!

and yay for Red Robin! getting to businessthrilled about his new computer, can't you tellgoing for a spin on the new bike and taking Logan for a drive. time for the Plasma car and everyone else wanted a turn (go Ian, go) and Jenni finishing the night with a little song

Pics from sausage making 2010

I finally had some time to get the new camera hooked up to the computer and get the pics from Ian's family's annual sausage making. the crew grinding master the zip line up and running and we can't take a visit to the farm without visiting the horses.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The last 4 days...

We've been CRAZY BUSY and have been going on little sleep and lots of work/activities the last couple of days. Here's what we've been up to and some VERY exciting news that we got.

  • Went to Wenatchee to celebrate Cal's 2nd b-day (more to come on this) and Logan's 8th b-day with Ian and the fam. Can't believe my boy is 2!!!
  • Found out we're sticking with what we do best and are having a BABY BOY and we couldn't be more trilled!! We make one heck of a boy! I told Ian I'm going to be a mom to the next Eli and Payton Manning.
  • Went to Pullman and Uniontown on Friday for Ian's lovely grandma's memorial service.
  • Back to Wenatchee Friday night to hand Cal off to Gram and Pop, then off to Seattle Saturday morning (very bright and early) to meet the movers who packed up the house.
  • Sat. night, squeezed in a date night - dinner and a movie - with the hubby to celebrate our last night in Seattle (and get out of our very empty house).
  • Sunday, movers finished packing, drove to E. Wenatchee and moved into our new place!
  • Looking ahead - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. unpack, unpack, unpack.

I'm tired just thinking back on it all... More to come on everything sometime this week. Can't wait to have Internet and cable at the new house.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Someone else has a b-day this week!

We celebrated Clyde's 8th birthday yesterday (his b-day is today), and in true Hunter style it was filled with cheeseburgers and presents.

getting ready to open his gifts
Suzie gets a gift too (so she doesn't feel left out).
proudly showing off his new loot.

Playing tourists

We spend part of Sunday "touring" Seattle attractions and took Cal to the aquarium for an early b-day treat. He was in heaven! It was hard to get any pics cause for he didn't stop running/jumping/clapping the entire time we were there. dancing in the jelly fish tunnelSomehow Ian talked me into going up the Space Needle too since we both hadn't been up since we were young (I have a horrible fear of heights).

the solution.

A toddler bed! We converted Cal's bed for an interim solution until he gets his new bed and it seems working. He's loves the freedom of a "big boy" bed and is pretty good about staying in it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


This has been my little headache the last several days. Cal is getting out of his crib now any opportunity he gets. Night time is a struggle regardless of how tired he is. A couple night ago I didn't hear a peep from his room after I put him down so for an hour I thought he was asleep. Well I start hearing little rumblings coming from his room and then one of his trucks started talking. WTF. I go in to find him in the corner of his room with his nightlight playing with his trucks. Similar thing happened last night. 20 minutes had gone by and I thought he was asleep. I went in to check on him and I see a blue orb underneath all of his blankets on the floor. He'd gotten out of his crib, got all of his blankets/pillow/animals out and curled up on the floor.

what I see when I go in (flash off)

pic with the flash on The last couple days he's also been getting up in the morning around 4:30-5 getting our of his crib and ready to start his day. UGH. Fortunately, today he made it to 6:15. I'm hoping that once he transitions to a big boy bed and has the freedom of getting out without escaping (and at the new house won't have all of his toys in his room) that I'll have a better time keeping him in bed. Fingers crossed.

trucks, trucks and more trucks

There's nothing that makes my kiddo more happy than his trucks (and cars).

somehow they made their way into the armoire

"Happy Birthday to you"

Cal's favorite song at the moment is singing "happy birthday". He gets really excited when he sees my mixer and starts singing "happy birthday". Today he even went as far as getting out my measuring spoons. Sorry bud, no baking a b-day cake today.

Monday, February 1, 2010

just some random updates.

What we’ve been up to…

  • Cal and I are on a first name basis 50% of the time. I go by Mom at times and Duwee when he needs my immediate attention.
  • I've survived my first couple days at stay-at-home motherhood.
  • Since Cal is now regularly getting out of his crib on is own, he decided to get up at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday morning and not go back to bed (on Friday I heard a thump at 6 a.m. and then the tv come on moments later). Once we move we’re transitioning to a big boy bed.
  • We have less than 2 weeks in Seattle!
  • The sold sign is officially up outside our house (inspection – check, appraisal – check)!
  • We were all sick, sick, sick but are finally back at 100%.
  • The terrible two’s are here…
  • I am in disbelief that my baby boy is going to be 2 next week. Cause of all the craziness in our lives right now, we're forgoing a big party but promised to make it up to Cal with a 3 b-day party extravaganza next year.
  • We made a bunch of sausage last weekend, 484 lbs to be exact (Ian’s family’s tradition). I have lots of pics but haven’t figured out how to get them off our new camera so here’s one pic from our old camera. More to come on this.