Thursday, October 28, 2010

Busy Bees

Pics and an update to come soon... Hopefully in the next couple of days. Plain & simple, we've been really busy. The teething monster also started showing its ugly head around here so our great little sleeper, Bennett, has not been sleeping so great so I've been trying to hit the sack a little earlier, cutting into blog time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Check em out!

My folks had their pics done with Mary (MKC Photography) last week and I'm in aww with how they turned out. Seeing mom & dad with all their grandbabies makes me so happy, and looking at Luke in these pics makes me totally nostalgic. Where did the last 13 years go?! Check out the slideshow of pics HERE.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crazy happy.

That's what Ian & I coined B, crazy happy. This little guy loves all, loves everything, loves his brother, apparently loves kitties (he's was loving on my sis' cat today) and loves being loved. He's got a smile that just melts your heart and the best dimples in the world.

He's on the move! After weeks of teetering on his side, Bennett started rolling a week ago and he hasn't stopped. He's going from back to front and just started going front to back too.
kisses fascinated with his fuzzy booties
this picture kills me

and some pics of big brother carving pumpkins w/ Pa

A little blog time for my lil' lady.

Our poor dogs. They used to be our world and then Cal & Bennett came along. We still love these two little fur balls very much, they are just treated a little more like dogs than they used to be.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fire Chief Cal

BEST. DAY. EVER (for Cal that is). The E. Wenatchee fire dept. had an open house this last weekend so we took the kiddos and Cal was in heaven! He got to see all the fire rigs up close and personal, met the fire chief, took a ride on a little fire truck (x2) and more. He even wore his "fire chief" Halloween costume to look the part. We've been so bogged down in getting settled in the new house, furniture shopping, etc. that we haven't had much time for "fun" things with the kids so this made for the perfect Saturday morning. first ride with dadsecond ride, he wanted to do it alone
And the fun didn't stop there... Cal won a ride on a real fire truck (we entered a raffle) and he gets to take a couple friends. How fun is that?!?

This kid has some serious luck on his side. He also won a Fred Meyer gift card for learning about fire safety so he scouted out the toy ad and went with Gram & Pop to Freddies yesterday to spend his gift card and pick out some toys all on his own. Here he is with his goodies.

Just pics

baking cookies! playing soccer (Cal's latest sports obsession, and he's good!)
B LOVES looking at the man in the mirrorjumping time
and more jumping

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lots o' art

Cal loves doing art at preschool, probably because he gets to use all kinds of fun tools (scissors, markers, etc.), that we don't use much of at home. Here's today's creations.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

3 months

I'm a couple days late on this post - my littlest munchkin is 3 month old! I remember loving this age with Cal and all the months to follow cause seeing is their little brains work, learn and just love all is pretty amazing.

What's Bennett up to you wonder.... he loves watching his brother, talks and talks and talks (baby talk that is), his faces lights up with a simple "hi", his favorite thing to do is stand, is a drooling machine, loves chewing on his hands, has the cutest little ears that stick out a bit, giggled for the first time while awake yesterday (and laughs in his sleeps), still snorts when he's hungry, tries to get up on his knees and scoot during tummy time, calms right away by looking in a mirror when upset, and is growing way too fast.
playing outside enjoying our Indian summer (80+ degrees in Oct!) helping mom & dad organize the garage