Friday, January 29, 2010

Baking buddy

I'm getting a feel for my stay-at-home mom responsibilites, so I decided to bake today and had such a good little helper. (wow, cal looks like a dirty little rug-rat in this picture!)

Cal's double life

So Cal was in daycare 2 days a week and Ian and I always joke about how he's got his own thing going on there and it's like he has this little second life that we don't know about. He's got all these friends, learns all kinds of new things, etc. He comes home from school and does things that Ian and I are like "what, where did you learn that?" One example is that he just got a new boom box at home to listen to his CDs and they must play musical chairs at school, cause he always sets his chair up around his boom box, runs around it in circles and then sits really fast. It took me a minute to catch on to what I think he's doing.
Then the other day when I picked him up, we're walking out the door and he stops and says, "bye Nena." Nena's a girl in his class and I was like whoa, didn't know you're on a first name basis with all of your friends. Then Cal's teachers made him an adorable book on his last day. When we got home and were looking through the book ad he was pointing out his friends, Hannah, Jamie and AJ. What?! I guess he's going to miss his friends more than I thought...

(I accidentally spilt some water on the book on the drive home)
For those that don't know, my family calls me Duwee and apparently Cal picked up on this and the other day I was no longer Mom, I was Duwee.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boy or Girl?!

Well your guess is as good as ours cause the littlest Hunter didn't want to cooperate during the ultrasound today... Surprisingly, I'm more at peace with not finding out than I would have expected. We'll see if we have another u/s, otherwise this baby might just end up being a surprise. Although he/she didn't want to show the goods, the baby did give me a thumbs up (and I swear what looked like "the finger") which was pretty awesome.

So for now, here are some pics of my boy.

modeling his new scarf from aunt jenni

spending some quality time with Bob since he's living at Gram and Pop's until we move wii'ing with Luke

Friday, January 22, 2010

some pics

I'm vowing to be a better blogger and picture taker once we move... Here's some of the things that are keeping us busy.

Cal finally got to play in a little dusting of snow

hung out with Lo played twin dress up with dadWe celebrated my b-day with the famLooks like I better add flowers to Cal's b-day shopping list... I got flowers for my b-day and he's obsessed with them.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

busy, busy

Holy smokes, we’ve been busy and the blog is taking a back seat right now until life slows down. For those that don’t know, Ian accepted a job at Grant County PUD so we’re leaving the city and going back to my roots. Which means, last weekend we put our house on the market, had an open house, accepted an offer, secured a back-up offer, spent the majority of the weekend driving around looking at cars, bought Ian a new commuter car, spent time with friends, and more. And the only pic I took was of Cal enjoying his treat for being such a good sport during all the craze, a dilly bar. Next up, finding somewhere to live in Wenatchee

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The latest "cheese" pics

I better enjoy this phase of Cal wanting to get his picture taken/making me take his pic cause I'm pretty sure it won't last.
And some other pics... Cal playing with his gal pal Emily
Anytime we watch any bball or football games on tv, Cal insists on playing with a bball or football (pretty sure it's Ian's dream come true that Cal loves watching college sports and cheering for the Cougs) Man, this is such a fun age. We're definitely getting samplings of the terrible two every now and then but Cal is such a hoot and such a little man now. His facial expressions and verbal expressions kill me...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh, Callahan...

Well, we reached a milestone yesterday and it's one that I have been dreading for some time. Our little Houdini figured out how to escape from his crib... I was in the living room watching tv and heard a loud thump (a sound that have been expecting to come any day), and sure enough, he was sitting in the middle of his bedroom floor while he was supposed to be in his crib where I left him for nap time. We're not ready to move him to a big boy bed, but not sure what to do about keeping him in his crib... Anyone have any suggestions?

Some pics from the week....
Cal loves taking self pics... He grabs the camera, holds it out pointing it at himself and says cheese until we take his pic. Yum, Spaghetti Factory!

heading to Grammy & Pa Hunter for a night away