Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Methow

Over Memorial Day Weekend we spent a day in one of my most favorite places (aside from my new love, Bend), The Methow.  First up was Mazama for a fun run.  My sis and I did a 10k trail run (well, a 6.6 mile 10k) and Ian and the boys did a 1k. The kid's run was darling, seeing all those kids running through a meadow was priceless.  And Cal's competitive side definitely came out. Pre-run he was telling us how he was going to run fast, push kids out of the way and win. And then Ian caught him giving another kid a major stare down before takeoff. Looks like my little dude has the runner's bug like his mama cause as soon as he was done, he wanted to know when he could do another race.

The trail run my sis and I did was beautiful. It was my first trail run and I love it. We ran through the woods, along the river, etc. I definitely think we have an annual Memorial Day weekend tradition on our hands.
so happy to see the finish line
the highlight for this guy, the horses
after the race and spending some time in Mazama, we went into Winthrop for a little wine tasting, park fun & shopping.
No trip would be complete without a stop at Twisp River Pub... best food ever!

check out my sista's blog for even more pics from our adventure.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

This & that

I'm a little late on this but someone celebrated their birthday! Hooray hooray for the 8th of May!
 pretty lady
watching cartoons
Cal made me a lovely little Mother's Day gift at school
"coffee" makes the boys smile
We celebrated our dear friend Hailey's 4th b-day
my little green thumb helpers (in the germ mobile)
Date night to Sesame Street Live with my big boy
cotton candy! 
the dudes

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A weekend away in paradise.

I'm in love & I fell hard... We spent the weekend in Bend, OR to celebrate our anniversary (#6!) and it couldn't have been more perfect. Granted, taking the two little dudes along for the ride made for a few hiccups, but all-in-all we had such a wonderful time. I feel like I've been missing out my last 31 years of life not knowing about this hidden paradise tucked away in Central Oregon. We enjoyed 3 days of fun in the sun - biking, eating, playing & drinking our way through the town.  Hands down, Bend has to be the most bike, kid, dog-friendly town.... a perfect combo in my book.

taking the bikes for a spin in Sunriver

a little treat from the toy store

10 Barrel (YUM!)
and we played and played and played
My loves on Mother's Day

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10 on 10

Another month, another 10 on 10. My goal was to get this done/take my pics before the 10th, but go figure, I waited until the 11th hour.

early morning trip to the gym. breakfast. off to school. errands. after school playdate. Mother's Day gift. hummus (before & after). St Joe's Empty Bowls. Packing. Night cap.