Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lots o' Christmas pics

We went and saw Santa and to my surprise, Cal didn't mind him!
admiring Luke's new electric guitarfortunately, Logan shared her guitar so the boys could jam together In Leavenworth with Gram & Pop looking at the lights

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hunter Christmas

Ian's folks came down this last weekend to celebrate an early Christmas since we'll be spending the holiday on the other side of the mountains and they'll be trekking over to MT. We had some good food, good company and we all got some great gifts!

Showing off his new suitcase, he's been rolling it around the house for two days straight. Suz was a little bummed she didn't get to open any x-mas gifts with Grammy & Pa...
...so we let the dogs open some of their gifts tonight
Cal also got an early gift from us and he even helped buld his new art table with Dad

My little helper

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday fun

We went downtown last weekend and rode this...
Cal LOVED the carousel. This is what happened when it was time to get off...
We also went to Swanson's Nursery to visit these guys...
When we first got there, Cal insisted that we keep a safe distance from all animals
but he soon warmed up to them.
Curley the camel was Ian's favorite.
And we finished the weekend with a visit to the Hintons.
How cute are these two?! They may not share toys well, but they sure do give good kisses.

Heisman hopeful... year 2030

Friday, December 11, 2009

Callahan's got a secret...

That's right, Hunter baby #2 will be arriving this summer!! We are so excited to grow our family of three to a family of four (6 counting the dogs) and for Cal to be a big brother! Below is Baby Hunter #2's latest glamour shot. Isn't he/she so cute?!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Apparently, he's been a good boy.

Saint Nicholas paid a visit to our house last night (thanks Gram & Pop!) and Cal must have been a good boy cause he got lots of treats instead of coal. His reaction: "oh WOW!

Tree time

We went out and got our tree this weekend, and having a toddler sure makes everything about Christmas a hundred times better. I love this time of year, but Cal's excitement for all-things-Christmas makes the holiday so special. He stands outside our house and claps almost every night at the Christmas lights, loves dancing to Christmas music, thinks snow globes are something else and is mesmerized by Christmas trees. Cal thought the tree lot was fabulous and if he had his way we probaly would have brought dozens of trees home.

looking for the perfect tree just when Cal thought the tree lot couldn't get any better, he found this little beauty
and here's our mini-tree in all of her glory

Blue steel

Cal's been teaching Ian his 'blue steel'. (and yes, Cal is in Ian's overalls)


We may not have snow yet, but Cal's getting some good use out of his snow gear playing outside since the temperature took a turn for the worse.
darn car is frozen to the ground and won't go
these two don't mind the cold

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bed head

My sweet little boy with his crazy, crazy bed head...


Cal wakes up asking for Clyde & Suzie and he goes to bed talking about them. Fortunately we have two dogs that are extremely tolerant of a kissing, hugging and constantly chasing them toddler.

giving thanks

We went up north to the Hunter's for Thanksgiving. It was a full house since Amy and family were in town from Montana. Cal is still terrified of the horses and cow but had a blast exploring the pasture, throwing rocks in the creek with his Grammie, going for a tractor ride with Pa and tearing around the house with his cousins.