Thursday, September 20, 2007

The belly

Here's a shot of Julie at 21.5 weeks, the belly is growing!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The 5th Month

We are in the middle of our fifth month and a couple weeks back we found out that it's a boy! The last ultrasound we had on 9/5 showed that the baby looks good and is growing fast compared to our last ultrasound at three months. Although the due date hasn't changed from 2/3/2008, the doctor thinks that he's about 1.5 weeks ahead of where they initially thought he was, therefore the little guy might just be making an appearance at the end of January.

Julie is doing well, besides the heartburn. The little guy is moving around a lot, especially after Julie eats (chocolate chip cookies really get him going) and Ian was even able to feel his first kick last night. We're in the process of working on the nursery and ordered all of the furniture - YAY! The list of chores to get done before little man Hunter enters the world is growing so it's going to be a busy 4 months!