Friday, May 24, 2013

San Diego 2013

We had the most wonderful family vacay to San Diego this last week. We wanted to take the boys on a special trip that was all about them before their lives get rocked in September and my only prerequisite was to not travel too far. Since Disneyland was out of the question considering I can't do any of the rides, San Diego seemed like the obvious second choice. And all about the kids, this trip was. Every time I think back on our time in Cali, I smile. And how much fun the boys had & how appreciative they were makes my heart SO full.

We stayed in Coronado (love!), the most perfect little island community with an awesome park, good restaurants & amazing beaches. Our trip included a visit to Seaworld, Legoland (so awesome for the boys), playing at the park, seeing the seals in La Jolla, a visit to the Point Loma tidepools & lighthouse, lots of walking, LOTS of eating (and many trips to an awesome candy shop), playing at the beach, swimming, collecting shells, etc. The only things that made heading home alright, was thinking about when we'd be back next.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

One trick pony.

After months & months of gymnastics class, Bennett's finally nailed his somersault.  And I have to say, it's probably one of the most perfect somersaults I've ever seen!

Friday, May 10, 2013

A lovely morning with my boy

Cal & I had quite the morning together. First up, the two of us went to an ultrasound to see "the sister." Cal hasn't been able to come to one yet, and I knew he'd think it was pretty cool. And, for my peace of mind the ultrasound tech confirmed that she is still a SHE :)!
Next up, Mother's Day tea at school.
Where I had a lovely hat waiting for me that Cal had made.
The kids sang songs for us, recited The Lord's Prayer, Psalms 100 & we ended the tea with  all the kids and moms doing the "Tooty Ta"

Hooray, hooray for the 8th of May!

Welcome to 32, my love. It's going to be a good year!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I got the most pleasant surprise on Saturday when I went to lunch with Ian, planning to meet up with mom & dad. I walked into the restaurant and was SO confused when I thought I saw several of my college girlfriends. My first thought during the state of confusion was, well this is awkward, my friends are in town and didn't invite me to meet up with them. Yes, a stretch but surprises really throw me off. They had road-tripped over for the day for a surprise shower to celebrate our baby girl. I love these ladies so much.

4 babies all due within a month of each other!
so happy to have my mom there to be apart of the celebration
After our fun shower lunch and a visit at the Hunter house, we all then went to Leavenworth for the rest of the day to celebrate Amanda's birthday.

Weekly recap.... Lots of apple blossom fun.

I feel like I've been majorly slacking on the blog front, taking the easy road with iphone pic only updates, but hey, at least it's something. For the sake of memories, a pics a pic. So here goes another week in review (at least a review of the things I actually took pics of), courtesy of my phone.

The weather has been so nice here so we're embracing every second of the sunshine cause who knows how long it will stick around. I have SUMMER on the brain, but I have to keep bringing myself back down to reality that it's only May. However it's seems unusually amazing for this time of year so I'll take whatever Mother Nature wants to give us right now.

train ride with friends
the 3 amigos
Happy May Day to me, thanks to my husband!
a playdate with Clara & Crosby (& baby bro Rory too) who were in town
Poor kiddo slept while we all splurged at the Apple Blossom food fair. We tried to wake him up but I guess  funnel cakes, snow cones and salt & vinegar popcorn aren't worth getting up for.
how boys play w/ bubbles... they attack them with bats
parade go-ers at another parade

Cal ran in the Apple Blossom Fun Run before the big parade and I couldn't be prouder of the rock star for running the whole 1.3 miles. The best part is when he saw us cheering him on near the finish line he totally put it into high gear and sprinted.

running buddies
and he's off!
I felt the same way by the end of the weekend...
I think it picked the wrong time of year to be pregnant. The heat is already killing me...