Thursday, July 31, 2014

Some serious catch up...

Sadly, our laptop completely died so we were without a computer for a bit and unfortunately lost everything saved on our computer from the last 4 years.... So a word to the wise, if you don't back-up, DO! It sucks losing everything... Anyway, we got our new computer so I'm working on some mad blog catch-up. Here's a look at some misc. haps from the last several weeks.
backyard campout to try out the new tent
dinner with the girls

a pool day with friends = VERY tired boys.

Bennett doing some Sit-to-be-Fit

Ian made a new friend at work.
celebrating Bennett & Rick's bdays
lots of swim
weekend trip to Spokane for a wedding
a very welcomed visit with our good friends, the O'Connors, who have been living in Ireland for the last year and are home for a visit
Cal had his first friend sleepover
"take my picture!"

Lincoln Rock

We did a little impromptu camping adventure with some friends out at Lincoln Rock several weeks ago for close-to-home test run with the baby. The boys had so much fun with their friends (as did we). Such a perfect family camp spot... and an added bonus was getting an up close view of the fire helicopters dipping their buckets in the river and flying all around us since the fire was right across the highway.

4th of July

We opted for a last minute change in 4th of July plans this year and ended up sticking around Wenatchee after being a little burnt out on weekend roadtrips. And the day was so friend & fun-filled.
We started the day with a 4th of July parade in my sis' neighborhood.
Next up, lunch & a "pool party" at our house.
Then on to the next house with 2 very tired boys.
BBQ, spud gun, poppers & watching fireworks with friends.