Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I'm in the process of doing some serious blog catch-up... So a lot more to come hopefully very soon. Looking back, May seemed like such a dark month with Suzie passing away so here's a look at some of the lighter moments.
Frapachino obsessed!
Celebrating Ellie's 5th birthday with a playdate & cupcakes
Just one of the boys...
Evening walk to the park for some family hoops
Mother's Day
BBQ'ing with friends
This girl is nuts...
Last night of Awanas
Another tooth bites the dust.
Lots of soccer watching for this girl.
And lots of soccer playing for the boys.
Poor Emmie got super sick and was put through a ringer of tests.... diagnosis: A nasty bladder infection.
Penny + Hawk
dirty pup
Our priest passed away in May so after the service the kids from the school released white balloons up to heaven, it was beautiful.

Lo's dance recital

And more May...

I pulled out my "good" camera and found some treasures! So here's a little more of May and some of the last pics I have of my little princess.

Happy Birthday Ian!